Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Today's Run

While I am not sure if this is feasible/sustainable, I am going to try to start posting quick recaps of my daily workouts. Again, this may fall off in time but I'm going to give it a try. Here goes.....

With it being 7 degrees and icy outside, got on the treadmill around 5:25am for an hour (I will run in the extreme cold but not if it's ice AND dark at the same time). Worked out next to my wife, who was cranking it out on the cycle. She had the fan all to herself so I got a bit hot while running! Opted for the "cross-country" workout on my treadmill--a bit over 58 minutes and 7.1 miles with the incline going from 0% to 6% the whole way. Not easy! Listened to David Goggins' awesome new book, Can't Hurt Me. Legs felt better than decent but not great. Need to get back to being more efficient in the morning and aiming for at least 60-65 minutes of running before work.

Interestingly, yesterday my Garmin, based on how it's reading my fitness, projected a 3:00:04 marathon time. As I have run some sub-3s in my day and know what they take fitness-wise, not sure I believe it.

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