Monday, January 7, 2019

Today's Run - Monday, 1/7; Opinion on Goggins' Book

Monday is always easy and usually a treadmill day. Hopped on the 'mill this morning for 4 miles in a little over 36 minutes. Wanted to keep the heart rate very low--mission accomplished. All good.

Finished up Goggins' book. Despite my initial praise, I would say this book was solid yet flawed. My main beef is that it seems Goggins spends the first 80% of the book speaking about the merits of his approach and mental outlook and yet in the end he more or less says it all came crashing down on him, when his body rebelled on him to the extent that he thought he was dying. The answer to his ills was then....stretching? Not sure I finished the book "buying" what he was selling. He doesn't seem like a particularly happy guy who forged strong relationships over his lifetime. Maybe it's just me but, without strong relationships and happiness, life ain't much.

So I kind of took what happened to his health as his central thesis being fundamentally undermined. A fun book. A pretty good book. I love his commitment. Definitely inspiring. But a flawed book. Personally, I feel like it could have gone through a few more edits. While I am no Puritan, I also think the cursing in the book is over the top.

A few posts ago I was very critical of Runner's World. I will say that in its latest issue RW did a nice job with its articles on Rob Krar and Dave Mackey.

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