Sunday, January 20, 2019

Runs - Saturday, 1/19 and Sunday, 1/20; Weekend at Copper Mountain

Spent the weekend at Copper Mountain with the family. MLK weekend is typically the busiest ski weekend of the year in Colorado and we certainly saw it--long lines, everywhere, including in the back bowls. Got out for a very tame pre-ski 4.1 miles each morning. Despite being in an absolutely stunningly beautiful area of the Rocky Mountains, the diesel fumes from the buses at Copper are always a bit tough to endure when out for a run. Even in super fit Colorado, I got a whole bump of stares from folks driving into and through the resort.

Anyway, nice to get out for a few miles before hitting the slopes. Skied the back bowls on Saturday, hitting several black and double black runs and even went off the cornice (though I went off a bit easier section). Tamed it down on Sunday, though we still hit a few black run. The bottom of the Mine Dump run really threw me for a loop today--bumps got huge (as in the size of a Volks), steep and deep.

All in all, a fun weekend.

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