Thursday, January 10, 2019

Today's Run - Thursday, 1/10; Thoughts on Mindfulness

After a nice little break over the holidays, life is starting to get really, really busy again. The demands on my time are immense, to the degree that I have to actively seek out conscientiousness and mindfulness.

In my job, one of the things I really try to impress on my people is to feel empowered to pause when feeling overwhelmed, to step away and reflect, and to gather information before responding. The benefits of pausing and reflecting, even in the face of what feels like a crushing deadline, far outweigh the drawbacks associated with reacting! In this world, that is not easy. The struggle is real. We are bombarded seemingly every second of every day with "information" and it's hard not to be in constant reactive mode, divorced from your true inner self, which I believe can be a catalyst for depression.

We have to be very intentional in finding moments--even moments in chaos--to pause, reflect, take stock of our thoughts and feelings, and gather information before responding. The key is thoughtful response, not impulsive reaction.

Again, not easy. I have to work so hard on this every day.

But this is an area where I feel I have improved a ton in the past few years, though I continue to have struggles now and then. And now I'm not only holding myself accountable but also helping others to do the same.

Running is great for all of this! But there is more I want to do. I am considering taking my efforts toward greater conscientiousness to the next level. I am intrigued by the thought of a silent retreat.

6.3 miles in a little over 54 minutes this morning. Really struggling to get out of the house in time for at least 60 minutes. The comfort of my cup of coffee and computer screen is winning me over. Need to take back control! It'll be much easier to get outside when the temps warm up and there's more sun in a few months, but I can't wait that long. Discipline!

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