Thursday, January 17, 2019

Today's Run - Thursday, 1/17; Walmsley Denied

Another less than stellar run. 6.2 miles. Definitely not 100% but good enough to get out and move the legs a bit. The Garmin is still saying I'm in "unproductive mode." Years of experience tell me to just keep showing up daily and maybe don't push it too hard as I fight whatever it is I have right now (a bug?).

I saw that Jim Walmsley didn't get into the Leadville 100 via the lottery. Seems like a missed opportunity for Leadville. If Jim is in that race, all of a sudden it's world-class again. All eyes are on Leadville that Saturday as you'd have a legit run at Carpenter's legendary course record. It's certainly a good argument that, if Jim really wants into Leadville, he could certainly practically jog his way to a token via one the race series events, such as the marathon, but that may not align with what he wants to do this summer (note: Leadville Marathon is 2 weeks prior to Western States). Athletes of his caliber choose their own path and so I really think not letting him in was a missed opportunity. We'll see what's next.


  1. Just look at the date on these watches ... its all we need to know right now.

  2. Sounds like Leadville would be more than happy to have him in the field - all he'd need to do is ask. (they responded back to him on Twitter) What's next is 62:4x (my guess) at Houston for an OTQ! :) 18 days in row blogging, congrats! I especially enjoyed some of the links to old articles in the New Years Day blog. Cheers!