Friday, January 25, 2019

Today's Run - Friday, 1/25; The Wasatch Speedgoat

Really awesome article about a living legend: Karl Meltzer, known as "the Wasatch Speedgoat." In 2006, Karl won six very stout hundred-milers, including Hardrock and Wasatch. I love that the author, Andy Jones-Wilkins, is on what feels like a mission to tell the stories of the greats.

Karl is, in my opinion, clearly one of the greats. Even at age 50 now he's still getting after it. As mentioned in the article:

"Looking back on that season now, 13 years later, Meltzer made several observations. First, he said he never did any training runs longer than about 15 miles. Mostly he just ran on feel and went from event to event. Additionally, while he worked hard on his climbing, often hammering 2,000- to 3,000-foot ascents, he kept his training steady. 'I knew I just needed to keep it even keel. I knew the fitness was there.' Finally, Karl felt like he had momentum on his side and he wanted to take advantage of it, 'You just never know what might happen, so I just kept it going'.”

Really good stuff.

6.2 miles in about 55 minutes this morning. Was very cold (15 degrees), very dark and very icy/slick. Main goal this morning was to stay upright.

Planning to go 18-20 mile on Sunday.

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