Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Today's Run - Wednesday, 1/23

Got out the door at 5:25am for 6.3 miles in about 55 minutes. A chilly 18 degrees. I didn't realize until I got to work this morning (in Denver) how much more snow we got in Parker Monday night/Tuesday morning. Where we live in Parker is about a thousand feet above Denver and it showed in how much snow we got. My biggest focus on my run this morning was, quite honestly, staying upright. When I got into a neighborhood that is about 150 feet above where we live, I noticed even more snow.

All good.

Last night, I signed up for the waitlist for a 3-day expedition to summit Mt. Rainier. At this point, I would say my chances of being selected for a 2019 expedition are slim to none as all slots are full. But it is something I really want to do. Long-term, would love to climb Denali.

On my runs, I think a lot about the issues of our time. My viewpoint is just that--my viewpoint, my opinion, how I see things. What I most love about running is that it seems to have magical powers as far as giving me the "time" to examine things from different angles and really deconstruct what I'm thinking about. All that said, I really feel that as a country we are fighting over the wrong things and getting fired up about stuff that really doesn't matter. We are fighting over symptoms of a much larger problem and not coming together to address the problem. Even the littlest of issues get blown up on social media and before you know it we're feeling crisis, division and despair.

We should set the bar much higher as far as what really matters and what really deserves our time and attention.

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