Monday, January 21, 2019

Today's Run - Monday, 1/21

With it being MLK Day, and my employer (University of Denver) being closed, I slept in a little later than usual ('til 6:30am) and, after enjoying some coffee and full-fat yogurt, got on the treadmill. Meanwhile, my son was still asleep. Decided to run about 5 miles and kept the first 4 at a very easy pace of 8:10. For the last mile, I jacked the 'mill up to 15% grade and power hiked at 15 minutes/mile with a few jogging intervals at a higher pace mixed in. That last mile was a grinder and my heart rate got up to over 140, but overall I handled it well. I am clearly out of shape with climbing!

My hope is to put together a solid week, which means 60+ miles. We do have some nasty weather rolling in tonight so tomorrow morning may be another run on the treadmill. I am very grateful to have a nice treadmill that gives me what I need.

I am feeling a bit mal-content of late. Not sure what's going on. At Copper Mountain all weekend, I kept daydreaming about running the Colorado Trail (it runs through Copper). I still feel very pulled to the trails--just not to the Leadville Trail (anymore). That said, every time we take the Copper Mountain/Leadville exit off I-70, I can't help but think back to the many memories I have of my "Race Across the Sky" finishes. It is getting time to settle on a 100-miler in 2019.

This past weekend, I also found myself talking with one of the lift operators at Copper, a nice guy in his mid-20s, I'd say. He stays in the Edge, which houses Copper employees right there in the Center Village, and pays about $340/month. He spends about 36 hours a week on the mountain operating lifts and the rest of the time skis and hangs out. I told him he's "living a dream life." Not a bad existence...…. My one regret in life is living way too responsibly in my 20s. If I had it to do over again, right out of graduate school I would have dirt-bagged for a few years. I told my son he's allowed to dirt bag but only after he gets his college degree and only if he limits it to 2 years (unless dirt-bagging is part of his chosen profession).

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Runs - Saturday, 1/19 and Sunday, 1/20; Weekend at Copper Mountain

Spent the weekend at Copper Mountain with the family. MLK weekend is typically the busiest ski weekend of the year in Colorado and we certainly saw it--long lines, everywhere, including in the back bowls. Got out for a very tame pre-ski 4.1 miles each morning. Despite being in an absolutely stunningly beautiful area of the Rocky Mountains, the diesel fumes from the buses at Copper are always a bit tough to endure when out for a run. Even in super fit Colorado, I got a whole bump of stares from folks driving into and through the resort.

Anyway, nice to get out for a few miles before hitting the slopes. Skied the back bowls on Saturday, hitting several black and double black runs and even went off the cornice (though I went off a bit easier section). Tamed it down on Sunday, though we still hit a few black run. The bottom of the Mine Dump run really threw me for a loop today--bumps got huge (as in the size of a Volks), steep and deep.

All in all, a fun weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Today's Run - Friday, 1/18

Another 6.2 miler and felt like crap. Definitely fighting some kind of bug. Ugh. Going up to Copper Mountain tonight for a ski weekend. Might use that time to really dial back the mileage and give my body a little reset.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Today's Run - Thursday, 1/17; Walmsley Denied

Another less than stellar run. 6.2 miles. Definitely not 100% but good enough to get out and move the legs a bit. The Garmin is still saying I'm in "unproductive mode." Years of experience tell me to just keep showing up daily and maybe don't push it too hard as I fight whatever it is I have right now (a bug?).

I saw that Jim Walmsley didn't get into the Leadville 100 via the lottery. Seems like a missed opportunity for Leadville. If Jim is in that race, all of a sudden it's world-class again. All eyes are on Leadville that Saturday as you'd have a legit run at Carpenter's legendary course record. It's certainly a good argument that, if Jim really wants into Leadville, he could certainly practically jog his way to a token via one the race series events, such as the marathon, but that may not align with what he wants to do this summer (note: Leadville Marathon is 2 weeks prior to Western States). Athletes of his caliber choose their own path and so I really think not letting him in was a missed opportunity. We'll see what's next.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Today's Run - Wednesday, 1/16

6.2 miles this morning. Another sub-par run and my Garmin is now saying I'm "unproductive," which means something is likely up. I haven't been feeling 100%, so will monitor closely.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Today's Run - Tuesday, 1/15; An Epic Day in the Blogosphere

Was feeling a little soreness from Sunday's weight session so only got in 6.2 miles in abut 55 minutes this morning. Was cold as a well-digger's ass, if you ask me. For some reason, I love February in Colorado as by then we're starting to get more daylight. These dark mornings suck. Bring on February!

Today something epic happened. The "syncrobloggers" made an appearance and it was fun. For you new kids on the ultrarunning blog train, today we saw this, this, this and this. I personally feel that back in the day those were four of the best ultrarunning blogs out there. Who can ever forget Lord Balls' thoughts about the sport we all love(d) as told through an enlightening conversation with Inside Trail Matt, aka "Guy"? I wonder what happened to ITM? Or how about when AJW nearly set the shed on fire with his blog about DNFs? Nevermind when AJW posted a critique of "Unbreakable," pointing out muling that may or may not have been happening on camera.

Those are just a few examples of the amazing content--content that actually had substance to it and, yes, occasionally got others pissed off--that was being put out there on a daily basis back in the day, when people actually read and commented on blogs and didn't have to display their lives in shallow Instagram and Facebook posts. Just click on those links above and read some great long-form content until your heart is happy.

So today was a good day, my friends. Here's to hoping the ultrarunning blog returns!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Today's Run - Monday, 1/14

Very easy 4.1 miles in 37 minutes on the treadmill this morning. I don't think my heart rate ever went over 115.

Woke up pretty amped up about a busy week at the office (dare I say the stress level was elevated), so I was tight when I stepped on the 'mill. One of the gifts of early-morning running, though, is that it provides an opportunity for me to mentally organize the day, set my priorities, problem solve, map out conversations I need to have, think about what's important (mainly the art of listening) and basically wrap my head around big issues my team and I are grappling with. So by the time I stepped off the 'mill, I was in a better place and able to engage the second I walked in the office.

I don't know what I would do without the gift of running and the discipline to wake up early and get after it. I think about all the folks who wake up in the AM, rush out the door and walk into chaos at work, completely in reactive mode. Not saying I work in chaos; I don't. But lots of people do. By not moving/exercising in the morning, they are not allowing themselves time to plan out their thoughts and actions for the day.

Was a little sore this morning--but not too sore--from yesterday's weight session.

All good.