Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Today's Run - Tuesday, 1/15; An Epic Day in the Blogosphere

Was feeling a little soreness from Sunday's weight session so only got in 6.2 miles in abut 55 minutes this morning. Was cold as a well-digger's ass, if you ask me. For some reason, I love February in Colorado as by then we're starting to get more daylight. These dark mornings suck. Bring on February!

Today something epic happened. The "syncrobloggers" made an appearance and it was fun. For you new kids on the ultrarunning blog train, today we saw this, this, this and this. I personally feel that back in the day those were four of the best ultrarunning blogs out there. Who can ever forget Lord Balls' thoughts about the sport we all love(d) as told through an enlightening conversation with Inside Trail Matt, aka "Guy"? I wonder what happened to ITM? Or how about when AJW nearly set the shed on fire with his blog about DNFs? Nevermind when AJW posted a critique of "Unbreakable," pointing out muling that may or may not have been happening on camera.

Those are just a few examples of the amazing content--content that actually had substance to it and, yes, occasionally got others pissed off--that was being put out there on a daily basis back in the day, when people actually read and commented on blogs and didn't have to display their lives in shallow Instagram and Facebook posts. Just click on those links above and read some great long-form content until your heart is happy.

So today was a good day, my friends. Here's to hoping the ultrarunning blog returns!

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