Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Today's Run - Tuesday, 2/5 - Colorado Trail Adventure in the Works

6.6 miles in 55 and change this morning. My legs felt responsive--maybe the day off helped? I was tempted to get after it but will save that for tomorrow. The air was moist and had a bite to it. We have snow rolling in tomorrow.

I have been talking for years about a Colorado Trail adventure and I think I'm getting close to doing it. This would not be a run but rather a hike with a big pack and backcountry camping.

Recognizing that I don't have a month to take off from work and do the whole 486-mile trail in one go (I could only wish), I think I could do it in 4-5 big chunks over a period of a few years, starting with the first 120ish miles from Waterton Canyon to Copper Mountain, which follows some incredibly beautiful trail. I think I could do that stretch in 3.5-4 days, preferably in late June (might encounter some snow but all good).

Such a hike would be incredible training if I pull the trigger on a 100-miler this summer or fall.

More to come but it feels like this is becoming real.

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