Saturday, February 2, 2019

Today's Run - Saturday, 2/2

I'm pretty sure the results of this study are highly questionable. Dog owners walk 21 miles a week? Nah--unless they live in Florida during the winter. I have lived in many places and it never fails: Come winter, very few people, including dog owners, venture outside. Then when the spring comes, everyone is outside and there are dogs everywhere. This study appears to have been self-reported. No way it's accurate. People are lazy during the winter, staying inside.

Got in two runs today:

AM: 8.5 miles on one of my favorite loops--the Tomahawk loop, featuring dirt roads and nice rolling hills. Felt good thanks to 9+ hours of very solid sleep the night before.

PM: 4.1 miles, with some of it on a local trail that was insanely muddy. Felt good. Weather was sensational--50s and sunny.

I am conducting an experiment and have doubled the amount of branched chain amino acids I'm taking to see if they give me a recovery boost.

Hope to hit 17+ tomorrow morning.


  1. Nine half hour walks a week? I believe it. Yay dogs!

    1. Nah. People are lazy. No way they're doing 9 hour-hour walks a week.