Saturday, February 16, 2019

Today's Run - Saturday, 2/16; Colorado Trail Planning

Got out for 10 miles in under 82 minutes this morning. Two of those miles were at 6:40 pace. I felt good for a Saturday and this was my first 10-mile Saturday since before Leadville back in August.

At this point, I'm planning 18 tomorrow morning.

Later in the day, some snow blew in, dropping about 2 inches where we live. We're at 6,200 feet so I'm sure we got more than Denver.

I am well under way in planning my Colorado Trail hike this summer. The plan is to go from Waterton Canyon to Copper Mountain Ski Resort in late June--about 120 miles. I am willing to pay top dollar to go "light." As of now, between a backpack, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, stove, etc., I am at 10 pounds. I am probably going to "need" a solar-powered charger for my phone--it'll cost me about 1-2 pounds. Then there are other "essentials." My goal is to keep my pack under 25 pounds, which is not going to be easy but it's doable. Less is more so long as you're carrying life-saving essentials.

There's just one problem with my CT planning: I still need a partner. I really don't want to do it alone. I am very experienced on the trail. I'm very fit. I'm resilient. What I am not is experienced with backpacking and backcountry camping. Could use an experienced partner/partners.

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