Saturday, February 23, 2019

Runs for 2/19-2/22 - Cold!

Overall, I have felt solid this week, even as it has been really cold.

Tuesday: 7 miles in 56 minutes on the dot on the treadmill. Was about 10 degrees and icy outside so opted for the 'mill. Last mile in 6:58--easy effort.

Wednesday: Once again opted for the treadmill as it was 6 degrees and icy outside. 6.7 miles in 56 minutes. Didn't feel as great as Tuesday but a solid workout.

Thursday: Decided to get outside and ran 6.7 miles in over 57 minutes. Holy crap--it was cold. That was the coldest 12 degrees I may have ever felt! Plus, the wind...… Just tried to stay upright and alive.

Friday: Oh, how the "warmer" 19 degrees felt so much better. 6.8 miles in just under 57 minutes. Felt good and fresh.

I also managed decent walks with the dog on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I am trying to get in more PM walks to de-stress from work, help the family dog see the world and burn some calories.

My big problem right now is that I'm getting out the door too late in the mornings. Between having to gear up for the cold and just not being into the cold and dark, my cheerfulness with heading out to get in at least 65 minutes per run just isn't there. This is about discipline.

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