Thursday, February 14, 2019

Today's Run - Thursday, 2/14

6.4 miles in 55 and change. So nice to see the sun rising earlier and earlier but it's still pretty dark. I have pretty much resolved that, as an aging athlete, the cold is harder on my body than it used to be and so I just need to bide my time, stay in decent shape and, above all, remain healthy.

This morning I wrapped up an interesting interview on the Rich Roll Podcast Show. It's with Todd Herman and he's talking about the "alter ego effect." I get it, but if in this world we all had alter egos then I think it would be a pretty crappy world where few people could trust each other. Just because Bo Jackson, for example, had an alter ego doesn't mean we all should. In this world, one of the keys to happiness, I think, is integrated living and authenticity. Nothing against Herman but I'm not buying it.

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