Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taper update

So far, so good with my Leadville 100 taper. This morning, for the first time in a few weeks, I felt pretty fresh for the entire run (likely the result of a great stretching session last night), averaging about 6:40 pace for the last 6 miles of my 9-mile run. Yesterday's run started terribly but by the midway point I was cruising and found myself at about 6:50 pace.

My concern about the plantar fasciitis in my left foot is starting to abate a bit as my heel is responding to ice therapy and ibuprofen. I have some lingering soreness in my right foot from the two ankle sprains I've sustained over the last three months, and so I'm going to be icing that foot, as well. It wouldn't surprise me if in a few years my ankle has to be "cleaned out" from all the scar tissue that has likely built up.

As far as mileage, there's no reason to push the envelope at this point. As a friend of mine says, the hay's in the barn. This week if I can go north of 70 miles I'll be happy.

At last, the roster of Leadville 100 entrants has been released. There are mind-blowing 781 runners signed up to run Leadville, including more than a few big names. I'm not concerned with who shows up on race day as I'll have my work cut out for me with this being my first 100-mile mountain race. I think it's fair to say Christopher McDougall's best-selling book, Born to Run, really stirred interest in this race. My guess is that about 100 folks won't show up due to injury and other issues, leaving about 700 starters. Leadville's finisher rate is about 50 percent, so that would mean about 350 will cross the line. I plan to be among them, and I also plan to wear my big, silver buckle with pride!

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