Sunday, August 22, 2010

Leadville 100 result--brief report

Everything was going pretty well at the Leadville 100 until I got to the May Queen aid station (mile 86.5) and, having severely bonked, threw up non-stop and developed bad chills. A medical team in May Queen, which is a notorious aid station for runners in medical need (it is, after all, after the Powerline climb), wrapped me in a sleeping bag and placed warming pads all over me. I thought I was done but Anne gave me the nudge I needed. After about 45 minutes in May Queen I got up and they dressed me tons of clothes to stay warm. I took some salted potatoes and some saltines and we were off. I ran most of the final 13.5 miles to get the coveted El Plato Grande buckle, which you get for a sub-25-hour finish. Not easy.

Final result: 24:47
Place: 92nd

It hits me that only 5 months ago I was in Ohio breathing sea level air. Not sure how I pulled this race off. Lots of people struggle in their first Leadville and I did struggle, but I am very happy that I got the buckle with a sub-25 finish.

I will post a much longer report in a few days.

Update: Click here to begin my 4-part report.


  1. That is so inspiring! Can't wait to read the whole race report. Congratulations!

  2. Nice. Glad to hear you nailed the big buckle - even with that 45 minute recovery.

  3. Awesome result. It sounds like it was a tough one!