Monday, August 11, 2008

Training week 8/4-8/10

I had another strong week with 80 miles and high-quality track and tempo workouts. While my knee still isn't 100%, it's giving me more than enough to put in my miles and focus on my fall marathon. I'm leaning toward the Columbus Marathon--which would be my 5th Columbus--where I'm going to go for sub-2:55. I think with continued hard work on the track and with my tempo runs I can do it.


AM: 8.1 miles easy

My training partner (Noah) and me putting in some evening treadmill miles together. He always helps pass the time on the very boring treadmill by giving me smiles.

AM: 8.5-mile track workout
3x1600s at 5:53 (ran first lap too slow at 1:31), 5:44 and 5:43 with 800-meter recoveries. I wasn't thrilled with my times, especially my first mile repeat, but I know they'll continue to get better as my leg turnover post-Mohican improves.
PM: 4 miles on the treadmill with Noah
Total miles for day: 12.5

AM: 8.25 miles easy

AM: 9-mile tempo run (6 total miles at tempo pace)
My miles were: 1) 8:53; 2) 6:21; 3) 6:20; 4) 6:28; 5) 6:12; 6) 6:18; 7) 6:25; 8) 7:44; 9) 7:56. I would have liked some faster tempo splits but this was still a quality workout.
PM: 5 miles easy on treadmill with Noah
Total miles for day: 14

When I see Noah smiling, nothing else matters.

AM: 15.05 miles in South Chagrin Reservation
Ran the first 9 miles with Tim C. and Jeff T. This was a very good trail run for me. A few times I picked up the pace and hammered it. Tim showed me a hilly, rocky 2/3-miles loop he used to do 20-30 times aggressively "back in my heyday," as he said (Heyday? He just won the Burning River 100!), and I ran it a few times hard. I'm going to revisit the loop in a few weeks and may go at it hard then about 10-15 times. I intended to run later in the day but I got stung by a bee and my lower right leg swelled severely.

AM: 18 miles in Solon with the Southeast Running Club
My ankle and foot were still quite swollen from the sting but I managed to get in a quality long run. Averaged 7:24/mile for the entire 18 miles. I felt a little heavy--maybe due to the meatloaf from the night before. Mostly ran with Paul R. and Jeff U. I had a great time both during the run and at breakfast afterward.
PM: 4 miles easy on the treadmill
Total miles for day: 22

Total miles for week: 80

My goal this week is 60+ quality miles. We have weekend plans that will keep me from making the SERC group runs and will limit my time severely. I plan to get on the track on Wednesday for 4-5x1600s at about 5:55 pace and then do a 9-mile tempo run (7 miles at tempo pace) on Friday. The following week I'll dial up the mileage again.


  1. Good work last week, Wyatt. I think your 2:55 goal for Columbus is right. Funny about the bee-sting, as I told you on Sunday, On Saturday I got stung on my right knee. Fortunately, no swelling.

  2. Nice to have a smiling buddy to cheer you on while you run on the treadmill.