Sunday, August 24, 2008

Experimenting with Red Bull / training week 8/18-8/24

I had a pretty good week of training, logging 82.27 miles and ending the week with an excellent long run of 22 miles. Something was telling me it was time for a 20+ miler and I'm glad I was able to get in the long run. I feel like the table is getting set for a good Columbus Marathon.

PM: 5.25 miles easy

AM: 9 miles at 7:21 pace

AM: 9-mile track workout
As part of my new 3-week speedwork cycle, I ran 2x3200 (2 miles) at 11:58 and 11:58 (such consistency!) with 800-meter recoveries between each. Then I ran one 1600 at 5:56--just because I felt like it. Overall, this was an excellent workout. I wasn't sure I could log two consecutive 3200s in under 12 minutes, but I did. Next week--again, as part of the 3-week speedwork cycle--I will go for 3x1600 at my "balls to the wall" pace, which is around 5:40 or better.

AM: 9 miles at 7:13 pace
Probably went a little too fast between two key workouts.

AM: 9.5-mile tempo run (7 miles at tempo pace)
I accomplished my goal of 7 miles at tempo pace as part of my build-up to a 10-mile tempo run two weeks prior to the Columbus Marathon. Even as I ran on a somewhat hilly course (flat courses are hard to come by in Chagrin Falls), I wasn't thrilled with my splits: 1) 8:06 (warm-up), 2) 6:24, 3) 6:19, 4) 6:22, 5) 6:27, 6) 6:23, 7) 6:33, 8) 6:25, 9) 7:42 (cool-down), 9.5) 3:57. I need to be hitting basically every split in under 6:20. Next week I go up to 7.5 miles at tempo pace.
PM: 7.25 miles easy in South Chagrin Reservation
Total miles for day: 16.75

AM: 11.27 miles easy in South Chagrin Reservation
Ran with Tim C., John L., John S. and Rich H. I took it easy because I wanted to be fresh for the next day's 22 miler; plus, we had a doctor's appointment to make and I was short of time.

AM: 22 miles in Solon with the Southeast Running Club

Yours truly chugging some Red Bull after logging a 4-mile warm-up for my Sunday long run of 22 miles on the streets of Solon and Bentleyville, Ohio. Maybe it was just a good day for me, but I noted less achiness (glucosamine/MSM) and more energy (Red Bull?) in logging my 22-mile run in 2:44. I could have easily run 10 more miles. Photo courtesy of Frank D.

Before this long run, I downed two glocosamine/MSM capsules (in addition to eating a bagel and drinking some coffee). Then after my 4-mile warm-up, I downed a Red Bull and two e-caps. During the run, I took two gels and two more e-caps. Maybe because of what I took or maybe just because it was my day, but this may have been my strongest-ever 22+ miler. I covered 22 miles in 2:44:20, which is 7:28 pace, which is only about 45 seconds off my marathon pace--perfect for a long run. This was close to easy for me. At no point did I feel achy and fatigued. I could have run many more miles.

Total miles for week: 82.27

For the coming week, I have a few goals:

1) 75+ total miles
2) Hit 5:40 or better for each of my 1600s on Wednesday
3) High-quality 7.5-mile tempo run on Friday
4) 18-mile long run on Sunday

On Labor Day, I plan to run the Aurora 5K and will shoot for a new 5K PR of better than 18 minutes. This will not be easy. That's better than 6-minute pace. I averaged 6-minute pace at the Blossom Time 5.25 miler, so I think a 5K of better than 18 minutes is doable. We'll see. It's past time for me to set a new 5K PR. The last 5K I ran was four years ago and I'm a different, albeit stronger and faster, runner now than then. I don't want my running resume to be "stained" by a 19:03 5K PR. I'm ready for a better time.

Aren't we all?

Onward and upward!


  1. Wyatt,

    just curious as to why you took glucosamine/msm tablets before your run. I know the benefits of these supplements (I take 2-3 a day), but what's the benefit of taking them before you run? Also, do you think the Red Bull had some effect on your run today?
    Maybe I should start check out those 'Monster' drinks..I saw Connie G. down one at the BR 100 aid station (mile 50).

  2. An excellent week Wyatt. Sounds like you're going to be peaking at the right time for Columbus.

  3. Barb & Frank, thank you for your comments!

    Frank, I hope you're right! Tomorrow I start implementing lunch-time runs and I hope the extra mileage works!

    Barb, I always take my glucosamine/MSM capsules in the morning and yesterday was the first time I took them before a really long run (as in a run of over 20 miles). Maybe it was just a good day for me, but I noticed less achiness (glucosamine?) and more energy (Red Bull?). I did made a point to stay well-hydrated as I know caffeine can dehydrate you and I had many miles to cover.

    Next Sunday I will do the same routine! Give it a try!