Sunday, April 13, 2008

Training week 4/7-4/13 - 11 weeks to Mohican

I knew this week would be physically and mentally difficult. The goal was 100+ miles, including high-quality track and tempo workouts--all of which I accomplished (106.4 miles) amid some aches and pains in my right hamstring and Achilles tendon. Entering the week, I was really tired and worn-down from an all-out effort at the Spring Classic Half Marathon (which I'd originally planned to run as a tempo run but then I got caught up in the moment and went all-out). By Thursday, I started to feel stronger and felt pretty good on Saturday and Sunday as I closed in on and accomplished my goal for the week--105+quality miles. Here's how the week went:

AM: 6 miles
PM: 5.25 miles
Total miles for day: 11.25

AM: 9.05 miles
PM: 4.2 miles
Total miles for day: 13.25

AM: Track workout
3X1600 at 5:42, 5:42 and 5:43 with 400 recovery
I was really pleased with my times, especially as I was tired and had dead legs. This was a workout all about mind over matter. Next week my goal is to go below 5:40 for each 1600 and, if I'm up for it, to incorporate a fourth repeat.
Total miles (includes warmup, intervals and cooldown): 9 miles
PM: 5.2
Total miles for day: 14.2

AM: 9.3 miles
PM: 4.15 miles
Total miles for day: 14.2

AM: Tempo run. Due to severe thunderstorms, I had to do my tempo run on my treadmill. Running in a massive downpour with thunder and lightening isn't my idea of a quality workout. Averaged a 6:18 pace for a total of 9 miles.
PM: Took the evening off to recover for weekend miles.
Total miles for day: 9

AM: Long trail run from Lock 29 through Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Started at 7 a.m. with Paul R. and Dave S., a co-worker and newcomer to our Saturday morning group who I was glad to see. Paul, Dave and I completed 6.8 miles before meeting up with the 8:10 a.m. crew, going another 13.3 miles for a total of 20.1 miles for the morning.
PM: 5.15 miles easy
Total miles for day 25.2

AM: Ran with SERC in Solon. 3-mile warm-up with Elizabeth H., followed by 12.65 miles with Kam L., Kurt M. and Jeff U. We argued about whether the best ultrarunners today would still be the best in the sport if the world's top marathoners (specifically Kenyan marathoners) competed in ultras. Of course, I landed on the side of ultrarunning, saying the Greatest of All Time/G.O.A.T. (a.k.a Yiannia Kouros), who has the 24-hour world record at 188 miles, would still beat most of the best marathoners at Spartathlon, etc. and that Scott Jurek would still be the odds-on-favorite at Western States. It was definitely a passionate argument among passionate runners. I added a little in the end to get me to over 15 for the morning. Felt pretty good--a little achy but good nonetheless.
PM: 4.4 miles at 7:45 pace
Total miles for day: 20.05

Total miles for week: 106.4

Next week, I'll go "back" to about 80-85 miles and focus on a really strong track workout on Tuesday or Wednesday and another intense tempo run.


  1. Wyatt, another good week in preparation for Mohican. The Achilles and hamstring pain were probably related to the all-out run at the Spring Classic, at least for me those things seem to follow races.
    I picked-up a copy of Ohio Sports Fitness at the Mustard Seed in Solon on Friday, and I read the article on racing flats, and there you were. Will you sign my copy? ;-)

  2. It's hard to say if the best in ultra running would still be the best if the sport was more about money etc. I like it the way it is though. Gives us mere mortals a chance to hang out up front for a while :)

    Great job this week. Let those aches and pains die down this week!