Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Classic results

Our running club, the Cleveland Southeast Running Club, had an awesome day at the Spring Classic Half Marathon in Strongsville. Everyone had a great showing and should feel confident going into the new season. Here's a run-down of who did what:

Kam L.: 1:16 (2nd overall)
Marc A.: 1:20 (6th overall)
Mike R: 1:22 (7th overall)
Jeff U.: 1:23 (11th overall)
Tim H.: 1:27 (13th overall)
Eileen M.: 1:36:07 (1st in age division)

If I missed anyone in the club, I am very sorry and will add their name.

I am so proud to be a member of a running club with such devoted and excellent runners. This winter we all worked very hard toward our goals and these times reflect that hard work. Kam's going to have a great Boston--hopefully the sub-2:30 he wants--and Jeff and Marc are set up nicely for a sub-3 at Boston and Cleveland, respectively. I hope Eileen finds a spring marathon where she can go for her goals.

How did I do? I PR'ed with a 1:22 (6:18 per mile), finishing 8th overall behind a very speedy Marc A. and Mike R.. I tried catching them but they had too much speed for me. All those speedwork sessions with Mark G. has Marc A. running like an animal--he's come so far so fast. It was a great day for me. The Asics DS Trainers were awesome and now I'm hooked on light-weight trainers as race shoes. I maintained a pretty steady pace and, in the end, dropped the hammer and ran the last mile around 5:50. I knew after passing the 12-mile mark that I had a shot at 1:23 and so I went for it, actually coming in one minute lower. Kam was there at 12.5 miles and gave me the encouragement I needed to do it.

I learned something about myself today. I'm faster than I thought--not super-fast by any stretch, but faster than I'd originally thought. With my strength and endurance, it's vital that I remain dedicated to speedwork and then, maybe then, I can achieve whatever potential I have.

I also learned I can't race half-ass. The 1:27 I originally wanted to do wasn't going to be an all-out effort. When I put on a number, I want to go all-out--because I love racing and am a competitor. Today I did that. And now I have a nice confidence-booster going into the Cleveland Marathon, which hopefully I'll be able to run because I think I have the best shot I've ever had at sub-3. According to Greg McMillan's Web site, my 1:22 today translates into a 2:54 marathon. That would be a dream come true. We'll see....

Tomorrow's plan is about 15 miles at easy pace (with SERC) to finish the week at about 85 miles. For now, I'm celebrating a great day for all of us in SERC who ran the Spring Classic in fine fashion. Each of us should be proud.


  1. I figured your competitive spirt would kick in. did you and marc run together at all? that's a great time, just wait until you start your speed workouts.

  2. Okay sorry just have to put in a small giggle on Hawthorne's profile pic. When you gonna start a blog Steve?

    Great job Wyatt. Nice PR and on a week when you didn't taper for it. Very impressive!

  3. Wow. I am seriously impressed. Excellent job - I think you're going to surprise yourself this year.