Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SERC Boston results

I have a number of friends from the Cleveland Southeast Running Club (the running club of which I'm a member) who ran Boston and, in some cases, put up truly awesome performances on the biggest stage of all.

Kam L.: 2:36:57 / 123rd overall - awesome! I predict Kam goes sub-2:30 at Cleveland. He wants it too badly and has trained too hard not to achieve his goal.

Mark G.: 2:42:56 / 222nd overall - only eight days prior ran a blistering 7:36 at the Mad City 100K/100K National Championship, finishing 4th in an excellent field of top ultrarunners. How does he do it?

Steve G.: 2:52:32 - I admire his consistent sub-2:55 finishes. He's automatic in that regard.

Dave M.: 3:05:43 - if I'm running a 3:05 at the age of 45, I won't be complaining.

Dave P.: 3:09:41 - I have a theory about Dave P. and it's this: he's much faster and tougher than he lets on.

Jeff T.: 3:16:15 - and he's 56.... Wow.

Frank D.: 3:16:55 - his first Boston and second-ever marathon. Lots of ability.

Elizabeth H.: 3:22:50

Jeff Z.: 3:27:15

Dawn M.: 3:28:34

Kurt M.: 3:39:37

Jim C.: 3:50:35 - was really sorry to hear he hurt his knee.

Wayne V.: 3:53:58 - I wonder if the Painted Rock repeats helped out the old man? I know he'll be ready for Mohican, where he's pacing me the last 40 miles. I wouldn't have anyone else with me for that final stretch of hell.

Tim M.: 3:54:00

Jeff U.: 3:56:20 - experienced some medical problems at mile 24. This one was a heartbreaker. He deserved and had worked hard for a sub-3. I look for him to break 3 at Cleveland, with me by his side when we cross together.

Janet E.: 4:17:40

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  1. Wyatt, Thanks for posting the results, and for the kind words. Despite some disappointments in the race, we did have a memorable time in Boston. Wish you could have been there this year. Next year, definitely.