Sunday, April 20, 2008

Training week 4/14-4/20 - 10 weeks to Mohican

My goal going into the week was 80+ miles with quality track and tempo runs and a Saturday training run at Mohican. I accomplished all of that and then some, once again surpassing 100 for the week.

6 miles easy at 7:12 pace on the gravel shoulder of a few country roads near where I live. As I didn't have time to get to the real trail, the nice gravel shoulder had to do. Felt pretty fresh.
Total miles for day: 6

AM: 8.5 miles
PM: 4.5 miles
Total miles for day: 13

AM: Track workout
3x1600 at 5:42, 5:44 and 5:44 with 400 recovery.
I was pretty disappointed in these times, which were basically identical to last week's repeats. I was looking to go under sub-5:40 this week. I was probably just tired, or maybe I've plateaued for now and just need to keep battling before my times go back down again. Next week I'll go for 5:39 again.
Total miles (includes warm-up, intervals and cool-down): 9 miles
PM: 6 miles at 7:10 pace once again on the gravel shoulder of those same country roads I ran on Monday. This little out-and-back is becoming one of my favorite night running routes. A little tired but still had bounce.
Total miles for day: 15

AM: 8.5 miles
PM: 4 miles (didn't have time for more)
Total miles for day: 12.5

9.05-mile tempo run
Averaged 6:16/mile for miles 2-8.
Felt pretty good and wore my racing singlet to get me in the fast-running mindset. Excellent workout. Decided to take the evening off to recover for Saturday's long run at Mohican.
Total miles for day: 9.05

Mohican 100 course run with Paul R. and Bob P. Completed 29 challenging miles on sections of the blue, orange and green loops. We got lost a couple of times and had a few close encounters with snakes. Things got a little dicey during a 15-mile outing from the truck when we ran out of water and had no place to refill since the water in the park was turned off. At that point we had been out for over 5 hours and not even eaten lunch yet. The temperature was about 80 and we were feeling it. We had to borrow water from some mountain bikers. With about 8 miles to get back to the truck, we were most certainly red-lining it and might have been in trouble had the bikers not helped us. Overall, it was a great training run on the course but definitely not an outing for the faint of heart or inexperienced. I realized that Bob and I are similar runners in that we're both very strong and have the ability to keep going and go to "auto-pilot" when the mind goes South, as ours did yesterday when we were fighting dehydration and close to bonking. I also realized that the Mohican course is more challenging hill-wise than Burning River. It's a lot of ups and downs with few straight-aways. I think my strength will be a key advantage at Mohican. Took the night off to recover for Sunday.
Total miles for day: 29

Ran with SERC in Solon. Completed 17.25 miles with Tim C. and Steve H. With it being Boston weekend, there were very few SERC members at the Sunday run. Felt pretty tired from yesterday's 29 but not too bad.
Total miles for day: 17.25

Total miles for week: 102

I haven't decided what my goal for next week is, except that I'm going 80+ and will get in quality track and tempo runs. I may go for 12 miles at marathon-pace (6:48) next Sunday.

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  1. Good running Wyatt. You were lucky that those bikers happened along, and were willing to share their water. I take back most of what I said about bikers. ;-)