Monday, December 22, 2014

Awesome Article about the Leadville 100

Here's a link to an amazing article in NowU, a publication of the Gannett Company, about the Leadville 100-Mile Run. The article was written by a fellow runner, Ted McClelland, and really hits on what makes the Leadville 100 such a special race for so many, including me.

Although stepping away from Leadville in 2015, I am already excited about lining up at 6th and Harrison in August of 2016 for #6 (and counting). Maybe Leadman? Whatever I do...Leadville!

Final note: The guy in the top photo is a friend of mine, Chuck Radford, who went on to finish his first Leadville this year (in 20 hours and change). Chuck paced me in 2013 and was with me as I ran up Powerline. Huge thanks to him and to my other pal, Scott Williams, who was the one who gave me that Fig Newton at mile 62. Like almost any ultrarunner, I am fortunate to be surrounded by loving family and supportive, caring friend.

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  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing. I'm torn whether to go at it again in Leadville. So many other races, but none at 10,000 'lung sucking' feet! Maybe one more...