Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Most Comfy Flip Flop Ever? Yep.

Note to reader: I only do reviews of products that I really like. In this case, today I'm doing a short review of a product that has quickly become a favorite around the house, out in the neighborhood and even in public. 

It's the most comfortable flip flop I've ever worn, and it's quickly taken the place of my Birkenstocks, which cost three times more. It's the OOFOS OOAHH flip flip and it'll make you feel like you're walking on clouds. In terms of comfort, think Hoka One Ones only way lighter, with two straps over the top of your feet and perfect for recovery.

Here's a photo:

Just from that photo alone, you'll notice a few things:

First, it's a super comfy flip flop. When I say super comfy, I'm talking about ultra soft. Every time I slip them on, it feels like I'm walking on clouds. My feet get happy. Where does that softness come from? OOFOS is powered by "OOform" and a patented footbed design. OOFOS says OOform is 37% softer than EVA. I believe it. Slip on a pair and you'll know what I mean when I say they're ultra soft.

Second, it's designed to support how your feet move. It kind of rolls with you. I like that. It's the most natural fit you'll ever get with a flip flop.

Third, it's pretty supportive, especially in the arch area. This level of support is critical for runners. When we're not running, our feet need to be happy and supported.

I have never been a flip flop fan, but I am definitely a fan of my OOFOS flip flops. Ask my wife and she'll verify that I wear them around the house all of the time. I often wear them when I take our dog for a walk (unless it's super cold outside). I'll even wear them out in public, which I normally wouldn't do with a flip flop (Birkenstocks notwithstanding). And of course they're great for after a long, hard run. Bottom line: If your feet need babying (whose don't?), OOFOS is for you.

With the holiday season upon us and Santa coming in eight days, it's still not too late to pull the trigger on some OOFOS for that runner in your life...or maybe for you. They'll thank you every time they slip them on after a long, hard run or or maybe a day on the feet at the office.

Get your OOFOS now by clicking here.

Glad to do other product reviews but only if you have a good product and good company. Do you hear me, Patagonia? :-)

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