Saturday, June 7, 2008

Training week 6/2-6/8 - 2 weeks to Mohican

I read in this month's Runner's World that Michael Wardian, who is a dominate marathoner and ultrarunner with super-human recovery abilities, drinks 2-4 quarts of water each day. I will add that to my repertoire, along with the stretching and push-ups I already do.

The goal this week couldn't have been more straightforward--to get in as many miles as possible. This was my last week of training before going into taper mode for the Mohican 100. Originally, my thinking was that if all I could get in was 80 miles (due to the many responsibilities of being the parent of a newborn and the husband of a sleep-deprived wife), that would be fine. But, of course, as the week progressed I got bull-headed, and by Thursday decided to make a run at--what else?--100 miles.

Mission accomplished. I ran 100 miles. And it wasn't easy. I was very tired and run-down, especially tired and sore in my hips, early to mid-week and basically threw the towel in on my speedwork and tempo run. I think a few times this week I was most certainly "burning the candle on both ends," as my mom says. Fortunately, by Friday, I got a second wind and started to feel fresh again. By the end of Friday, I had logged 60 miles for the week, which meant I'd need 40 over the weekend to get to the century mark. It used to be 40-50 in a weekend was child's play. Now it's a struggle in terms of finding the time. But I found the time and did it--another 100-mile week under my belt as Mohican fast-approaches.

The hard work with training is now done! Yes, it is hard to believe. I couldn't have done it without my wife Anne's support. She is the only one who really knows how hard I've worked. I wouldn't be here--ready for Mohican--without her.

I taper the next two weeks and then on Saturday the 21st it's show time. I will write more about the actual race later. For now, I'll provide a training week recap:

AM: 5 miles
PM: 2 miles on the treadmill with Noah. I had to cut the workout short because he was throwing a hissy fit. This may have been my shortest-ever run.
Total miles for day: 7

AM: 9 miles
Felt incredibly run-down due to a lack of sleep the night before and really struggled on the hills--usually my strong-suit.
PM: 5.2 miles
Total miles for day: 14.2

AM: 9 miles easy
I was planning to go to the track for 1600s but was simply too tired and run-down, especially in my hips, to even approach doing a hard workout. So I elected to just get in some "junk" miles and call it a day, even if it meant possibly not getting to 100 miles for the week.
PM: Off/rest
Total miles for day: 9

AM: 9.3 miles on the treadmill
A severe thunderstorm and massive downpour kept me from running outside. I felt much stronger than yesterday and ran the last 5 miles at sub-7:00 pace.
PM: 5 miles on the treadmill with Noah. He was very good and let me get in some excellent miles!
Total miles for day: 14.3

AM: 10.5 miles in and around South Chagrin Reservation
Very, very humid, but I felt strong and held a decent pace. When I got back to the house around 6:45 a.m., I looked like I'd jumped in a swimming pool and had to aggressively rehydrate before going to work.
PM: 5 miles on the treadmill with Noah. Once again, he was very good and let me get in my miles.
Total miles for the day: 15.5

AM: 16 miles in and around South Chagrin Reservation
My morning goal was 16, with a day's goal of 20, to set up a 100-mile week. The humidity was once again pretty severe, but I averaged 7:30 pace and felt very strong. I brought a water bottle with me and took full advantage of it, even stopping for a refill at the Polo Field and in downtown Chagrin Falls. I really miss running with the Lock 29 crew and look forward to rejoining them when things settle down with Noah. For now, I'm on my own on Saturdays.
PM: 5.25 miles on the treadmill with Noah. He slept the whole time.
Total miles for day: 21.25

AM: 15.25 miles in Solon with the Southeast Running Club
The temperatures reached 90 today with pretty intense humidity. This was a great opportunity to get in some heat acclimatization. Still, the morning run was difficult in areas, especially those where we were directly exposed to the sun. I made the stupid mistake of wearing a black tech-tee.... I ran basically the entire first 12 miles with Jeff U. and Paul R., averaging about 7:30 miles in the sweltering heat, and then ran the last 3 miles with Paul and Tim C.
PM: 4 miles easy
Total miles for day: 19.25

Total miles for the week: 100.5

I'm very pleased with my Mohican training. It began the week of March 3-9 and, since then, I was able to keep my miles at a pretty high level. It didn't hurt that I had a very solid base to work from, as I'd logged 80-100-mile weeks back in December to get ready for the Winter Buckeye Trail 50K, which I won outright. Here's what my 16 weeks of Mohican training have looked like mileage-wise:

Week 1: 78.8
Week 2: 90.25
Week 3: 61.7
Week 4: 101.05
Week 5: 82.5
Week 6: 106.4
Week 7: 101.3
Week 8: 105
Week 9: 105
Week 10: 63.5 (taper)
Week 11: 52.85 (Cleveland Marathon)
Week 12: 71.3
Week 13: 103.3
Week 14: 100.5
Week 15: Taper (50-65)
Week 16: Taper/race

You won't see many ridiculously high-mileage weeks in there, but you will see consistency. I believe my training will have me in contention for a strong finish. But, for me, it's been about more than miles. For 10 months--since the Burning River 100--I've been thinking about Mohican, focusing on it, crafting a training plan that would work for me, working through the details, etc. And now, after all this hard work, the race is only two weeks away. I will be sure to have my mojo there and go out hard, setting the tone for an aggressive race.

Next week I'll cut back my mileage and get in 50-65. I want to get on the track Tuesday or Wednesday for my 1600 repeats (at a comfortably hard 5:45-5:50 pace) and then get in a short marathon-pace (6:45) tempo run. For the weekend, I'll go 6-8 on Saturday and then 12 on Sunday. Basically, I just want to keep burning calories and keep my sanity, but I'll avoid strenuous running altogether except for the 1600s.


  1. Those are amazing numbers, Wyatt. I can see why you chose to title your blog, "There are No Limits".

  2. Thanks, Frank. I've trained hard for Mohican not only because I believe in focus and hard work, but also because I respect both the distance--immensely--and the other runners on the course. I know that Vince R., Steve G., and others who will be looking to do well will have put in their tough miles, too. I owe it to the event, the sport, myself and those guys to have worked my hardest to be ready.

  3. Nice week, Wyatt.

    Taper well and best of luck with your final preparations for MO.