Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mohican mindset

The much-anticipated Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run is only two days away. Over the past few days I've been busy trying to find the time to prepare my drop bags, print off Mapquest directions and finalize all the plans with Ted and Kenny while working 8-5 and, oh by the way, caring for our little Noah with Anne. I'm pretty tired emotionally and physically from a long week--we've had a baby with severe reflux and colic to care for--but hopefully I have enough gas in the tank for 100 miles. My strength will be there for me. It always is.

There will be many strong, tough runners lining up at the start on Saturday morning at 5 a.m. Each will have an excellent shot at an outright win, especially with very favorable weather. The forecast is a high of 79 and a low of 59. I imagine I'll have to change into a long-sleeve tech tee on Saturday night.

My goal for Mohican is to run a smart race and do my absolute best. I finish where I finish. Am I nervous? A little. Most of my nerves are from knowing I haven't had enough sleep and that I'll be out of mobile phone range during the race, which means I won't be able to communicate with Ted, Kenny and, most important of all, Anne. It'll be tough not knowing for nearly a day how things are with Anne and Noah. I'll be able to call her the night before from the hotel in Wooster and will see her around mile 75 and at the finish, but the time when I won't be able to communicate with her might be difficult. I know focusing on the race will make it easier.

I've trained hard and focused intently on Mohican. I've put in several 100-mile weeks and, insofar as my training is concerned, have shown this race and the sport of ultrarunning the respect each deserves. I will bring a great deal of intensity and focus to the starting line. But I'll also bring patience. A lot happens over 100 miles. A friend of mine says nothing good happens after 50 miles. I'm going to be in control, run a smart race and trust Ted and Kenny, my strength and my resolve.

I am ready.


  1. You are as well prepared as anyone there. Stay confident and run strong.

  2. Good luck Wyatt! Have a great race!


    You did it! Can't wait to hear all about it....