Thursday, June 26, 2008

My knee / Western States 100 cancelation

My knee might be slightly better, but maybe not.... It could just be the Aleve. I've taken ice baths the last three nights, am applying ice directly to my knee and have made the transition from Advil to Aleve. I think the Aleve has definitely helped manage the pain. It is humbling walking with a limp when you're a runner who can do 100-mile races. People at work have really reacted to my limping about; they can't believe a guy like me is hobbling all around. One person said, "How can you be injured? You're superman!" Their reaction is kind of flattering in a way, but I'm no superman--far from it.

(On a side note, I think almost everyone in the Southeast Running Club, and certainly every ultrarunner, is considered a superman/superwoman by their non-running friends and acquaintances. What we do is way beyond the pale.)

Anyway, I made an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist at my workplace, University Hospitals. Unfortunately, to be seen ASAP I'll have to drive all the way to Mentor on Monday afternoon. My hope is that my knee will feel much better by Sunday so I can cancel my Monday appointment. I just hope the doctor doesn't lecture me on what I do. Just tell me what I have and help me fix the problem so I can get back on the road for more miles--that's what I want from my doctor. Convincing me that running 100 miles is crazy is an exercise in futility. I know it's crazy but I love it.

I am planning to swim on Saturday and Sunday. This will require buying a day pass at Bally's. I love swimming and am actually a very good swimmer. When I do an Ironman in the next few years, swimming, not running, will be my strongsuit. My mom says that when I was a baby I took to the water like a fish. I've always loved swimming and wish I had ready access to an indoor, Olympic-sized pool where we live. Unfortunately, we do not. I'll have to drive to Beachwood to the Bally's to get in my laps this weekend. I am looking into buying a membership at the Veale Center at Case Western Reserve University, where I can swim during my lunch hour with the option of running if I wanted.


I cannot believe the Western States 100 has been canceled! Actually, I can. Basically every wooded area in NoCal is on fire! Of course they'd cancel the race! Our environment is so messed up. I don't know what the root cause of all these fires in California is, but this is crazy...and depressing.

I feel terrible for Mark G. and others who have worked so hard and focused so much time and energy on training for the Western States 100. Not only will they not get to run the race--the first time in its 35-year history it won't be run--but they're out thousands of dollars and vacation time to boot. What a bummer. My suspicion is that Mark will lay down some serious wood at the upcoming Buckeye Trail 50K and Burning River 100. If my knee is up to it, I may do both. I hope I don't choke on his dust. I predict Mark goes low 15 at Burning River.

I am guessing everyone who got into this year's WS100 will get into next year's race, which means I won't be running WS100 next year. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until 2010 to apply and will maybe do Vermont next summer.

I will keep you updated on my knee.


  1. You're not superman? ;-)

    Glad to read that you made an appointment to have your knee examined. Now, resist the temptation to cancel the appointment if you knee feels just a little better. The Aleve is probably masking some of the pain. Better to go ahead with the appointment if there is any doubt. Good luck, and I hope to see you on the trails soon.

  2. Wyatt, good luck with your knee problem.