Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Colfax Marathon

After almost 3 years of no road marathons, I have signed up for the Colfax Marathon, which is May 21 here in Denver. The last time I really focused on a road marathon was the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon in Phoenix in 2013, though I did run a 3:04 at the Colorado Marathon in 2014 (was not a focused effort). I am excited to lace 'em up and give Colfax a go.

At this point, I have some tiered goals for Colfax, each of which gets me to the BIG goal, which is to qualify for Boston in 2018. I am not 100% certain I will go back to Boston (last did it in 2007), as I really enjoy skiing and not training hard over the winter, but it will be nice to have the option. So, the tiered goals are:

1) 3:10 or better - would mean I beat my BQ by 5 minutes, virtually guaranteeing me a spot in Beantown next year.

2) 3:05 or better - this has been my typical road marathon time over the past few years.

3) Sub-3 - the last time I ran a sub-3 was 2009!

Between now and then, I will be focusing on mile repeats and increasingly long tempo runs. Game on!

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