Friday, March 15, 2013

Summer Plans and a Midlife Crisis?

First, even though it’s not running-related, I have to say that, ever since I’ve severely scaled back my Facebook usage, I’ve noticed that I feel happier about my personal life, more connected to those around me and more interested in real human interaction. I’m not sure what prompted my sudden rejection of Facebook (the ridiculous fact that the company doesn’t pay any taxes and, in fact, gets corporate welfare may have served as the impetus), but I really don’t miss it. My original intent was to totally deactivate my account, but then I realized it would make it harder to keep up with some folks whose exploits interest me. So I’ve kept my account but check Facebook maybe once a day and I rarely post updates anymore.

I’m sure it’s not this way with everyone, but I think Facebook can have a corrosive effect on people and human interaction. But whatever. I’m only talking about my own experience. As I approach my fortieth birthday, I’m entirely open to the fact that I’m entering a new stage of life—a good stage (a midlife crisis?). I’ve become more and more aware of time, namely the passage of time. Opportunities come and go with time. Everyday my son grows older. He’ll let me hug him today, but tomorrow he’ll be a rebellious teenager. Time: For the first time really ever, I’m acutely aware of its passage. Anyway, I’m partly disillusioned with some things in my life, but mostly I’m just grateful for love, family, faith, friendship, support and, of course, running! This all comes down to my new awareness of time.


With March now halfway over and the spring just around the corner, I’m excited about getting to the mountains for some big runs. I'm establishing a good base and am about to complete my fourth consecutive week of 70+ miles, all at MAF. I know I don’t have the time (a theme?) to head to the mountains every weekend to run gobs of miles. So, most of my big mountain runs this summer will take place on days off from work. I’ve saved some vacation days and will use them to get in some really high-quality runs up high. I'm also racing less this summer, which will free up some time and allow me to remain more mentally and physically focused on my A race.

There’s no doubt that I have to get in some serious vertical to be ready for Leadville. Even with triple-digit weeks I won’t be ready if I don’t get in some vertical. My goal will be to nail some weeks with 10,000-15,000 feet of vertical. That may not sounds like much to some folks who have easy access to mountain trails, but for me, living in Parker, 10K-15K is good. Runs I plan to do this summer:
  • Hope Pass double-crossing (ideally twice)
  • Every mile of the Leadville course
  • Grays and Torreys peaks
  • DECALIBRON (if time allows)
  • Pikes Peak (will be my third lifetime summit) or maybe the famed 3-2-1 workout
For a busy guy, that’s an ambitious summer schedule. We’ll see.


  1. Decalibron ... only 7 miles, but all of it above 12k.

  2. Sounds like a good plan of attack for Leadville. Keep it up.

  3. Good post. I have the same issues with just about all of social media (including text) other than twitter. It becomes consuming and I know I need to do a better job of letting go too.

    And the time theme is very much a reality for me too. You definitely reach and age where you realize time is your most valuable commodity and it cannot be recovered. I think running enhances that sense in us as well.

  4. You must've been my friend for only two days then!

  5. Sounds like a good plan.
    I have some problem keeping up with social media. I am learning how to keep up with it.