Monday, July 2, 2012

Looking for Leadville 100 Pacer

I'm in need of a pacer at the Leadville 100 on Aug. 18. My goal is sub-20 hours. Last year I finished in 22:35 due to some issues late in the race, and the year before snagged my first El Plato Grande buckle, a coveted prize in this sport. I have a cabin in town where my crew and I will be staying (and where you are welcome to stay after we finish). If you are interested in being a part of a legendary ultramarathon, as featured in Christopher McDougall's Born to Run, and if you are inclined to spend a day in one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country, please e-mail me and we'll discuss details.

Update: I now have a pacer for miles 70-100. If you are interested in pacing me for miles 50-70 (that includes Hope Pass), please let me know.

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  1. Hey,

    I tried to email you but it doesn't seem to be working, not sure if its your email address of something on my end. In any case if you are still looking for a pacer, I'm a 21 year old trail runner whose living and working in Breckenridge for the summer. I paced 30 some miles earlier this summer at the Bighorn 100 for a friend and am racing the Mt. Werner 50k this weekend. I'd seen on your blog that you are looking for a pacer in Leadville. I'm definitely interested, I'd have to juggle around some logistics but if you still need someone I think I can make it work.