Monday, July 18, 2011

Training Week 7/11-7/17 / Loving Muscle Milk!

This was only a decent week of training. For the week, I got to 80.5 miles and 11 hours, 17 minutes of running. I would have liked to get to 90 miles and about 13-14 hours but we had plans over the weekend that cut a bit into my available time.

Highlights/lowlights from the week included:
  • Fairly good tempo run on Tuesday morning. 9.85 miles total; 5.5 miles at tempo pace (about 6:27 pace).
  • New PR at Mount Falcon on Friday evening. I got to Walker's Dream 2.5 minutes faster than my previous PR, and I didn't walk a single step. You're looking at 1800 feet of vertical and rocky trail from the parking lot to Walker's Dream--not an easy climb. This was the second time in a row running to Walker's Dream without walking a step. Progress!
  • Not-so-great 14.25-mile run at Deer Creek Canyon on Saturday morning. The heat was a bit much and my heart just wasn't into this run. Why? Anne was gone on Saturday morning and I got a babysitter for Noah. I couldn't help but feel guilty leaving Noah with a babysitter while I went on a training run. So I cut the run short and went home to be with my little boy. It was the right thing to do.
Totals for week:
  • Total miles for the week: 80.5
  • Total time running: 11 hours, 17 minutes
  • Total vertical: 7,000 feet
  • Total runs: 10
  • Average mileage per run: 8.05 (perfect)
  • Yoga stretches and core strengthening
Total miles for the year: 1982.91

The 2011 odometer is gonna hit 2,000 miles this week!

When you look at the numbers, my mileage during this Leadville 100 cycle is a bit down from previous 100-mile training cycles. For one thing, I've yet to log a 100-mile week this year. I've had at least one seven-day stretch with 100 miles but, technically speaking, no 100-mile weeks. I'm not sure what to conclude from this reduction in mileage--I guess we'll see what comes of it on August 20!

I do think it's possible I've gone into most of my 100s over-trained. I've talked to a lot of folks who have done quite well at the Leadville 100 running less mileage than I do. I'm willing to make this Leadville 100 an experiment to see if a little less mileage and more quality in the mountains equal better performance. My hunch is that quality (read: lots of training on the trails and in the mountains) is the central component of a successful Leadville 100 training program.


My goal this week is to try to get to 15 hours (about 100 miles) if time allows. For me, the challenge of running upwards of 15 hours in a week isn't really physical; it's about time! Family responsibilities and my job keep me quite busy and it's hard finding 15 hours to train. But it's possible! And so this week I'll be gunning for maximum mileage and some nice quality in the mountains. I've also begun push-ups to strengthen my arms. I haven't done much upper-body conditioning in the last few months. I may also try to fit in a bike ride of two. Right now my emphasis is on hours, not mile. That's not easy for a native East Coaster to say. Back East, it's all about miles!


I've recently become a fan of Muscle Milk. I'd never tried it until the Leadville Marathon a few weeks ago. The folks at CytoSport were at the finish providing free product. Well, I tried the banana creme flavor and loved it! It's freaking delicious and full of protein for a good, healthy recovery. My main recovery beverage continues to be Hammer Recoverite, but it's nice to break up the monotony now and then with a little Muscle Milk. If anyone from Muscle Milk is reading this endorsement, I'm glad to become one of your sponsored athletes!

If you haven't yet tried Muscle Milk, get yourself some now!

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  1. Wyatt

    You are not alone in your thoughts of coming to terms with trading miles for quality miles. Having just run the Leadville 50, it is easy to realize that the 1700+ miles of training this year were great training (and there were many "quality" miles), there is considerable room for improvment. More time on the course, on uphill rocky climbs, and few other training adjustments would produce a better performance.....

    You're doing all the right things.....hang in month to go!