Thursday, February 10, 2011

Training Week 2/7-2/13

I just wrapped up my highest-mileage, most quality-packed week in quite a while, completing 73.4 miles. I fell just short of my goal of 75 miles because, quite honestly, I was dead tired on Sunday. More on that below.

Monday, 2/7 - EASY
AM: Ran 5 miles easy on the treadmill and cycled 5.2 miles on the stationary bike at the HOA gym. Monday is traditionally my easy day.

Tuesday, 2/8 - INTERVALS
AM: Ran 9.0 miles, doing my intervals on the HOA treadmill since the temperature outside was a rather crisp minus 5 degrees with plenty of fresh snow and drifts to boot. As previously mentioned on here, the treadmills at the HOA gym max at a rather slow 6:00/mile, and so I do what I can. My goal is always to do my intervals at the track, but this hasn't been possible lately due to snow and ice. I did 3x1 mile at 6:00 each and with 1/4-mile recoveries. Aerobically, I felt good. Unfortunately, my hamstrings--both of them--were very, very tight. I am beginning to think I've been over-stretching. I'm sure the extremely cold weather hasn't helped, either.

Wednesday, 2/9 - EASY
AM: Ran 9.1 miles at easy pace on the HOA treadmill due to a rather chilly minus 8 degrees outside. My hamstrings were still a little tight, but overall I felt decently strong--way better than last week after my intervals.

Thursday, 2/10 - TEMPO RUN
AM: Due to lots of snow and ice and cold temps, I elected to get in the year's first tempo run--once again--on the HOA treadmill. I ran 9.2 miles, feeling really strong the entire time. Since this is my first tempo run of the year, I'm starting conservatively. After an 18-minute warm-up, I went for 4 miles at tempo pace, progressively getting faster with each mile--6:39, 6:35, 6:30, and 6:24. I was working fairly hard on that last mile, but was never red-lining it. This is a good start. I will continue to lengthen my tempo runs each week and drop the pace, maxing out around 8-9 miles with some longer marathon-pace (6:40-6:45) workouts in there, too. In Ohio, my tempo pace was around 6:10-6:20/mile. Can I do that here? We'll see.

Friday, 2/11 - EASY
AM: Ran 9.1 miles, once again on the HOA treadmill due to adverse climactic conditions and specifically dangerously icy roads. I felt fresh as a daisy and the leg turnover was excellent. For the first time in a long time, I felt "in shape."

Saturday, 2/12 - MEDIUM LONG RUN
AM: Ah, much warmer temps! Ran 11.5 miles in the Parker hills. Man, I was dog tired! Anne had to leave for work by 7:10 a.m., so I was out the door by 5:30 with only about 90 minutes to run. I was so tired that I barely made it out of bed--way more tired and groggy than usual. I nonetheless got in my 11.5 miles, averaging 7:48 pace with a combined 2,600 feet of climb and descent all at 6,100 feet and higher. Unfortunately, my foot was hurting a bit, tugging on my morale. More on that below.
PM: Ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill, feeling a bit more chipper. Foot felt very good.
Total for the day: 16 miles

Sunday, 2/13 - LONG RUN
AM: Ran 16 miles in the Parker hills, once again feeling dog tired, out of gas and a little discouraged because my foot still hurt just a tad more than it should have. This was most unfortunate because the weather was fantastic! I was weak on the climbs and just not myself. I'm experienced enough to know this wasn't about being out of shape; something was not right, and so I aborted a planned 18-miler and headed in after 16.

Totals for the week:
  • 70.2 miles running
  • 5.2 miles cycling
  • 9 hours, 39 minutes of training
  • Stretching, yoga exercises and push-ups.
For the year: 344.7 miles, way below where I was last year (466.5 miles) due to 2011 starting off with a shut-down as I healed from plantar fasciitis. I am confident--very confident--that I'll close the gap and that this year will be a great one!

It's OK and much better as I write this post. Noah had a bug this week (lots of coughing) and Anne and I had to get up a lot throughout the night from Sunday-Thursday. Every night I wear a splint to keep my foot stretched out, so that it can heal. When you have to get out of the bed multiple times and you have PF, you're not doing yourself any favors. So my theory is that I tweaked my foot while getting up so much. I don't think I "re-injured" it; I think I just tweaked it. My orthotic is the God-send of God-sends!

Why I felt like garbage all weekend:
I was dog tired all weekend and not sure why. I questioned whether I'd pushed myself too hard all week. Getting up to check on Noah probably wore me out, too. I even wondered if I was low on iron since we eat so little red meat. This morning, when I woke up sick, it all clicked. I was tired and feeling sluggish because I was fighting something off. Now I have my answer. I caught my little boy's virus!

My goal for this week is 75-80 miles with intervals and 4.5 miles at tempo pace. But we'll see what I'm capable since I have this bug taking over. On Sunday morning, I might head down the flatter parts of Parker for some marathon-pace miles. I'd love to get too 300+ miles for February.

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