Monday, February 21, 2011

Training Week 2/14-2/20 - Full Steam Ahead!

The week started on a rough note as I battled a nasty virus that was two parts head cold and one part stomach bug. But I got through it and by Friday was much, much better. For the week, I completed 79.2 miles, training for over 10 hours for the first time since late summer. I am all about preparing for the Eisenhower Marathon on 4/9. Everything I'm doing right now is focused on breaking 2:55 at Eisenhower. And right now I'm starting to feel really good--better than I have in probably nine or ten months.

Monday - EASY
AM: 6 miles/46:53 on my treadmill. My foot, which had ached a little over the previous weekend, felt good. Noah came down and hung out with me for the last 3 miles of my run. We had lots of fun. This was a nice, enjoyable run at a relaxing pace.

AM: 9.1 miles/1:09:35. Felt horrible due to this nasty virus. My stomach was twisted up and cramping badly and my nose was blocked up. Despite feeling horrible, I went to the track for intervals but it was still snow- and ice-covered, and so I ran around the area and then finished up with 2 fast miles--6:24 and 6:34. My stomach was a wreck. I barely made it to work afterward.

AM: 9.3 miles/1:10:18 on the Tomahawk loop. Still feeling horrible from this cold, but managed another fast finish. 7:03 for mile 8 and 6:35 for mile 9. Aerobic capacity pretty compromised from the virus.

Thursday - TEMPO RUN
AM: 1:08:58/9.4 miles on the HOA treadmill. Aerobic capacity still pretty compromised from this cold but yet I managed to hit my goal for the day--4.5 miles at tempo pace. After an 18+ minute warm-up, my splits were: 13:06/miles 1-2 (split button malfunctioned), 6:27 for mile 3, 6:26 for mile 4, and 3:11 (6:22 pace) for mile 4.5. I worked fairly hard on the last 1.5 miles. Next week's goal is 5 miles at tempo pace, right around 6:20-6:30 (I'm adding 0.5 miles each week, which will get me to 8 miles at tempo pace going into Eisenhower). I have come to grips with the fact that, whereas my tempo pace in Ohio was around 6:10-6:20 with the occasional sub-6:00 mile,  here in Colorado it's about 10 seconds slower per mile.
PM: 36:25/4.6 miles on the treadmill at easy pace.
Total miles for the day: 14

Friday - EASY
AM: 1:06:47/8.6 miles on the HOA treadmill. Too damned windy to run outside. Probably didn't go at an easy-enough pace. Legs a little tired at first but livened up nicely for a solid recovery run.

AM: 1:31:21/12.1 miles on the Tomahawk loop, hitting about 6,400 feet of elevation and 3,100 feet of combined climb and descent. Took in a spectacular sunrise. Really enjoyed this run and felt very good the whole way. Fast finish went well. Miles 10 and 11 at 6:46 and 6:45, respectively. That's just a little slower than marathon goal pace.

Sunday - LONG RUN
AM: 2:36:04/20.1 miles in the Parker hills with a little over 4,100 feet of combined climb and descent. Yes, the goal for Sunday was 20 miles and I nailed it! From Tomahawk, I headed east on East Parker Road, and then north on Delbert. I turned around on Delbert at about the 8.5-mile mark. The return trip, which included an added section to get me to 20 for the day, wasn't too fun; the wind from the south/southwest was rough and really took it out of me in a few places. But overall I was very pleased with how this run went--7:46 pace for 20.1 miles all at 6,100-6,500 feet. Not bad. Very pleased. Enjoyed some fresh-baked buscuits with Noah afterward.

Totals for the week:
  • 79.2 miles running
  • 10 hours, 6 minutes of running
  • 8 total runs
  • Stretching, yoga exercises, core strengthening and push-ups.
For the year: 423.9 miles

My goals this week are:
  • 75 miles
  • Quality interval session at the track. The weather looks favorable.
  • 5 miles at tempo pace
  • Long run of 17-18 miles on Saturday--maybe in Boulder

The Eisenhower Marathon is on 4/9 and then the big, nasty Jemez 50-Mile in New Mexico is 5/21. I am going to work some hill repeats and mountain trail running into my training over the next six weeks but, honestly, a fast time at Eisenhower is the focus. I figure it'll take me two weeks to recover from Eisenhower, which will mean my Jemez training will begin on Monday, April 25 with lots of hills and mountains. That'll give me three weeks (plus a taper week) to get trail ready for one of the toughest 50-milers in the nation. Yikes! I think what this means is that Jemez will be a long day in the mountains just having fun and getting some time on the feet. We'll see.


I just got word that the Leadville Trail 100 is about to close out, meaning 750 runners have signed up. I'll bet half that number signed up because of a certain best-selling book. The trails at Leadville will once again be cowded this August...with runners and litter. To put it all in perspective, I signed up for the 2010 LT100 back in April and registration remained open another two months or so. This year, the race is going to close out in February! How can ultrarunning stay on what is clearly an unsustainable course?

I am sure glad I registered for the LT100 back in November!

But, let's be real. Of the 750 who will have signed up for the LT100, 100 will get cold feet or get injured and not show up. That leaves 650 starters, of whom half will finish. So 325 runners will cross the finish line. Not too bad.

I think the LT100 needs to institute a qualifier.


Two remaining notes. I have signed up for the Leadville Trail Marathon on 7/2. This is a hugely important quality training run for me.

Unfortunately, the Mount Evans Ascent on 6/18 is now tentative. Anne has a professional conference going on and so we have childcare issues that Saturday. I may try to get a babysitter while I'm at the race, but right now things look dicey. Stay tuned.

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  1. Just saw the LT100 is now full. As for a qualifier, I agree they probably need one. The current qualifying standard of "Is your money green?" is just too general. I didn't really plan to run it this but plan to pace instead but I don't like having the option of running it or not removed so early in the season either.