Sunday, March 1, 2015

Training Week 2/23-3/1 - 17 Weeks to Bighorn

Another decent week in the books even as it started off on a rough note. I had no energy on Monday or Tuesday. This fatigue problem started the previous Saturday, after the Friday night run. I could barely keep my eyes open all weekend and it went into the new week. By Wednesday, I was feeling a lot better. I'm not sure if I had a bug or if my endocrine system was maybe a bit stressed. Whatever the case, I've started consuming carbs after hard efforts. For the past few months, I've been keeping my breakfasts very low/no carb (Greek yogurt with berries, eggs, etc.) but I think that, with my volume on the increase, it's not working. So, after hard workouts, I'm allowing myself some cereal, toast, etc. But on easy days, I'm keeping my breakfast low/no carb.

On Thursday, I did a 3x1 mile workout and I'm pretty sure it gave me a little fitness bounce that I felt by Sunday. For me, 3x1 mile builds strength, improves leg turnover and enhances mental toughness. I would say it's the single best workout I can do and yet I often slack on it and miss workouts because 3x1 is damned hard. I'm going to make every effort to hit my mile repeats at least twice a month during my Bighorn training, while also incorporating hill repeats into the mix. There is no question that 3x1 works wonders for me.

Monday: Goal: Easy/recovery
AM: 4.1 miles
PM: 0
Felt very drained and tired, like I was battling something (a bug maybe?). Was also tired all weekend. Something amiss.
Total Miles for day: 4.1

Tuesday: Goal: Easy/MAF
AM: 6 miles
PM: 0
Extremely fatigued, so I went easy with Nick. A balmy 10 degrees and icy. The week isn't getting off to a good start...10 miles in two days? This all made me realize that maybe no carbs after my runs might be backfiring on me as my mileage is increasing. Had some cereal after this run.
Total Miles for day: 6

Wednesday: Goal: Feel better
AM: 7.15 miles at MAF
PM: 0
Felt much better. Ran with Nick. The fatigue seems to be gone but decided to hold the mileage for the day down and not do a PM workout.
Total Miles for day: 7.15

Thursday: Goal: Mile repeats
AM: 8.6 miles/3x1 mile
PM: 3.15 miles at MAF
A solid day. With it being 7 degrees and snowy, had to do the mile repeats on my treadmill. Busted out 3x1 mile at 6:00 each (maxed out 'mill) with half-mile recoveries at about 8:00 pace. Also worked in a 6:58 mile for mile 8. Felt good but, yeah, it was a tough workout.
Total Miles for day: 11.75
Friday: Goal: Easy
AM: 8.1 miles on the 'mill
PM: 0
With the temp a chilly 2 degrees and our streets very icy, stayed in for this run. Felt pretty good.
Total Miles for day: 8.1

Saturday: Goal: Easy
AM: 10 miles at MAF with Nick
PM: 3.6 miles easy on the treadmill
Was supposed to be a ski day but it was too cold so we stayed home. This 10-miler with Nick went better than expected despite a 0-degree morning. It was shockingly cold for the first 3 miles but then we got warmed up and cruised right along. Was glad to see Nick go 10 miles. This is his kind of weather--he thrives in the extreme cold.
Total Miles for day: 13.6

Sunday: Goal: Long/tempo
AM: 20.1 miles, averaging 7:30 pace
PM: 0
Very solid run. Started with 5.5 miles very easy with Nick and then did 9 miles at marathon pace/tempo (about 6:45-6:50 pace), and then "slowed" to 7:30 pace for 3 miles and cooled down at about 8:30 pace for 2.6 miles. Felt pretty good. Took in zero calories for the first 17.5 miles. Glad to have also gotten in 1200 feet of climbing. Made a point to hammer the downs as best as I get the quads ready for the trails.
Total miles for day: 20.1

Total miles for week: 70.75
February mileage: 271.75
Total miles for year: 564.7

While the weekly mileage wasn't quite as high as I'd have liked, it was nonetheless a solid week despite the fatigue issues on Monday and Tuesday. In addition to running, I mix in push-ups, core work and some walking (as always). I'll be going for 80 miles this coming week, schedule permitting. On Sunday, if the weather holds, I might head to Mt. Falcon for some vertical. We'll see.


  1. You've been training well! I would be uneasy about heading up to Mt Falcon this weekend. Chuck and I were up there a few weeks ago (during the nice streak) and there were a few really treacherous spots. With the recent snow/thaw/freeze cycle it will be messy up there, I am pretty sure.

    1. Thanks, AJ. I'm really eager to hit the trails soon. It might just be the CR and HR trails for the time being.