Sunday, February 22, 2015

Training Week 2/16-2/22 - 18 Weeks to Bighorn

This was a solid week of training despite a very busy schedule at work, with two consecutive late nights at the office (Wednesday and Thursday). Admittedly, the miles didn't come easily as I've been battling fatigue (a product of stress and cold weather, or so it is with me). On Thursday morning, I woke up with black bags under my eyes. I'm honestly not too worried; this, too, shall pass. Besides, I'm feeling better now, as I type this.

I have said it before and I'll say it again: In ultrarunning, while I'm in awe of the exploits of some of the most prolific performers, it's the guys and gals working full-time, attending to family, getting maybe 7 or 7.5 hours of sleep a night per night, and STILL finding the time to train and race well who I most admire. If I could get 10+ hours of sleep a night, I can only imagine what a difference it would make.

The goal at this point in my Bighorn 100 build-up is to lay down a sold aerobic base, with a little anaerobic stuff thrown in here and there just for good measure. But the overall goal is aerobic development, which I need to go 100 miles. I am getting VERY excited about hitting the real trails soon. I have some exciting runs planned, including an 8+ hour jaunt on mountain trails in mid-May.
Monday: Goal: Easy/recovery
AM: 4.3 miles/MAF
PM: 4.3 miles/MAF
Working from home, I was able to get in a lunchtime run in addition to my morning miles. Good to start the week off this way.
Total miles for day: 8.6

Tuesday: Goal: Quality
AM: 8.85 miles at tempo pace on the treadmill (HR hit about 160-165)
PM: 0
A solid tempo run. After a 2-mile warm-up at 8:20 pace, my splits were: 6:52, 6:42, 6:33, 6:25, 6:27, 6:51 (began cool-down) and, for that last .85 miles, 6:20. Felt pretty good. At this point in my build-up, short tempo runs are all that's needed.
Total miles for day: 8.85
Wednesday: Goal: Easy
AM: 7.45 miles with Nick at easy pace/MAF
PM: 0
Just an easy effort with Nick (note: Nick is my almost 3 year-old golden retriever). Kept the pace relaxed. My legs were a little beat up from the previous day's effort.
Total miles for day: 7.45

Thursday: Goal: Easy
AM: 7.05 easy with Nick/MAF
PM: 0
Well, this was supposed to be quality workout (maybe a MAF test) but I woke up extremely fatigued. Not only had I not slept well but, the day prior, I presented to our board and I think the experience left me a little hung-over. I also had some stressful stuff to attend to related to the ad campaign I run at work. So, given all of that, I woke up with black bags under my eyes and nearly bailed before even getting out the door but got myself out the door for some local trail miles with my pal, Nick.
Total miles for day: 7.05

Friday: Goal: Lots of miles, including a night run
AM: 4 miles easy/MAF with Nick
PM: 19.05 miles with Mark T., Matt C. (2014 grand slam champion), Mike W., and Scott S. With "snowmageddon" rolling into the Front Range, we started at my house at 8pm and ran all of the local trails, with a good bit still on pavement. By the end, we were all wet and cold. My legs were tired by the seventeenth mile. This run was timely as the weekend's snow fall and freezing temps would make long efforts quite difficult. As Bighorn approaches, I'll be going on several more night runs.
Total miles for day: 23.05
Saturday: Goal: Easy
AM: 5 miles easy/MAF
PM:  0
Pretty damned tired from the previous night's action. I didn't get in bed until midnight and then tossed and turned from 6-8am, after Noah and Anne were up. So, I got only 6 hours of sleep. Between getting Noah to karate, taking the family to lunch, doing a Target run and basically lounging around, the day saw "only" five miles.
Total miles for day: 5
Sunday: Goal: Tempo
AM: 10.25 miles at tempo/fartlek/progression
PM: 4 miles at MAF
With over a foot of snow, high winds and single-digit temps, I hit the treadmill for this one. This was kind of a hybrid progression/tempo/fartlek affair. My splits were: 8:50 (warm-up), 7:26, 7:07, 7:01, 6:31, 6:58, 6:32, 7:23, 6:50, 8:04 (begin cool-down), and, for that last quarter-mile, 2:00. Once again, my hamstrings were singing.
Total miles for day:

Total miles for week: 74.25
Total miles for year: 493.95

So, all in all, not a bad week. As far as aggregate mileage, I'm over 70 miles more than I was at this point last year, Next week is a ski week, so the goal will be around 60 miles. The following week, weather permitting, I'll be gunning for 80 miles.


  1. Ten hours of sleep??? WTF is THAT?!

    1. Yes, Andy, I have heard that some runners (especially those who don't have kids) actually get close to 10 hours of a sleep a night. Some even get close to 12. I cannot even fathom it.