Saturday, November 16, 2013

Potential 2014 Schedule - Dream and Probable Scenarios

Here are two scenarios for my 2014 racing schedule--one is the "dream" scenario and the other is the probable scenario.

Dream scenario
Cheyenne Mountain 50K - April
Western States Endurance Run (100 miles) - June
Leadville 100-Mile Run - August
Late fall marathon?

Probable scenario
Colorado Marathon - May (PR attempt)
Mount Evans Ascent - June (not able to do it in 2013 due to family scheduling issues and really missed it)
Leadville Marathon - June
Leadville 100-Mile Run - August
Across the Years 24-Hour - December

Western States is the big X factor. If I get in--which I know is a snowball's chance in hell--then that changes everything. I would love to do a Western States/Leadville double this summer. Wow, that would be epic! I'll find out in a few weeks about Western. Again, I know the odds are stacked against me due to sheer numbers. But that's OK; in time, I know my Western States number will get pulled. In the meantime, every Leadville 100 finish gets me a step closer to that thousand-mile buckle.

Beyond of course returning to Leadville in 2014, I really want to give the 24-hour another go. I did a 24-hour in 2009 and finished with 131 miles (never to be the same again). I really feel like I should have logged 135-140 miles that day--I made some first-timer mistakes like overhydrating (easy to do when you're running a 0.9-mile loop and there's aid every time around). I'd love to go down to Arizona late next year and give Across the Years a go. I've heard it's an awesome race and the course is apparently favorable for big miles.


  1. Looks likje a great 2014 for you. I have my plans and dreams worked out as well but my 2013 is not ending exactly as I planned...

  2. Might as well come out and do the VT100 too.

  3. Might as well come out and do the VT100 too.

    1. Gary, sounds enticing. Would love to do the slam one day.