Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plan for Getting Stronger and Faster

Three days have passed since my last run and I don't really miss it (yet). After taking Monday and Tuesday completely off from everything, this morning I headed to the gym (jogged 0.3 miles to it, actually) and did some lower-body work along with push-ups and core work. The workout was:
  • Single-leg extensions - 4x12 reps (just to clarify, I did 4 sets for each leg)
  • Single-leg curls - 3x12 reps
  • Single hip abductor stuff - 3x12 reps (not sure how to describe it but I use a pulley from the ground and extend my legs outward/to the side, pulling light weight. I will eventually add adductor stuff.)
  • Squats - 3x12 reps
In between each I did push-ups and core work. I plan to keep adding exercises as I get stronger. The squats are an emphasis. Every week I'm going to add some weight (if I can handle that) and see what happens.

I'll probably start doing some type of running again this weekend, but the volume is going to be down a bit for the next few months as I try to build some strength and raw speed and just basically allow my body to come back. This stage is foundational. It's amazing how weak (and slow) many of us ultra-endurance people can get even as we can run 100 miles. I'm planning short, fast stuff, like 100s, 200s and maybe 400s. I've lost a lot of speed over the past few months. All of the fast stuff I'll be doing over the next few months will be pretty aerobic, except when I'm in the weight room.

The overall plan is to get stronger via weights and faster via short, hard sprinting. In between, I'll do easy runs at MAF with some fartleks mixed in. Again, this is about foundation-building--and it'll help keep me once again stay healthy (injury-free) in 2014.


  1. Sounds like you are addressing your issues in the right way.

    I recently posted some words from legendary coach Arthur Lydiard on my most recent blog post that I paid attention to when running on monday night.

    Definitely helped me think rather than act like a machine

  2. Most runners, especially the ones doing lots of hills, are very quad dominant, so focusing on the posterior chain / side would really be beneficial as well. Deadlifts, would something good to add to the routine.