Thursday, April 11, 2013

Talk Ultra

Just when I think I know all of the ultrarunning media channels out there, I discover Talk Ultra. Hosted by Ian Corless, an accomplished endurance athlete, Talk Ultra is a regular podcast show featuring interviews with many of the top ultrarunners and running experts in the world. The show is very international in nature, which I like. But what I most like about Talk Ultra is that each show is very long--upwards of 2-3 hours--and includes several different interviews, giving me great variety and a deep-dive into a sport I so love. I also love the fact that Karl Meltzer, who has always been a runner I look up to (and who coached me in 2011 when I ran 22:35 at Leadville), is a regular guest on Talk Ultra via its "Meltzer Moment" segment. Ian Sharman also makes regular appearances. Finally, I think Ian Corless' accent is just simply cool.

Last night and this morning I listened to the latest Talk Ultra show, which features a fascinating interview with Dr. Phil Maffetone, who pioneered the Maffetone Method and talks with Ian about training, nutrition and running in general.

I am super excited to listen to the many other Talk Ultra episodes as my Leadville 100 training continues to ramp up. If you haven't yet listened to Talk Ultra, be sure to check it out. You can download the episodes via its website and iTunes.



  1. Great to hear you found it, I would of mentioned it before hand but assumed you were already hooked in. I remember speaking to Ian the day before he went live with the first show. Amazing how far it's come already and some amazing guests interviewed

    It is pretty awesome and Ian is a great down to earth guy.

  2. I enjoy the podcast but man! It needs to edit down a bit. (yes I get it is for the LONG run, and I listen to a lot of stuff but sheesh)

  3. Consider for DFL Ultrarunning podcasts. not nearly as polished as TalkUltra but an additional option.

  4. Me and my friends listen to this podcast. I find the guests really entertaining. Every episode is informative and fun.