Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Must-Read on Balancing Work, Life and Family

This is a fantastic post by Andy Jones-Wilkins. If you're a runner who faces the ongoing challenge of balancing work, family and the miles, check out Andy's post.

Here's a photo of me running on my treadmill back in the summer of 2008 (when we lived in Cleveland, Ohio). The baby resting next to me is my son, Noah, who at the time was only a few months old. I was training for the Mohican 100-Mile (finished 4th that year) and this was what I had to do to get in my second run of the day. Note the race medals and photos in the background. When I look at this photo, I wish he were in my arms and not next to me as I ran, but oh well....


  1. You headin' to Fort Fun for the Chubby Cheeks?

  2. GZ: I wish, but I'm fighting what appears to be Achilles tendonitis. For the next week ot two I'm going to cut back on running and increase cycling--then hopefully I'll be back to normal. We'll see. You?


  3. Waiting to see what Kate Gosselin runs in Vegas, then you folks with hardly any kids at all won't have any excuses!

    I'm probably doing a glorified hike at the Chubb if you're interested.

  4. I am hoping to make it. Not sure what I will do there yet.