Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Marathotics

Armed with my new Marathotics, on Sunday morning I completed my first run outside and my first run of double-digit mileage since early December. My little adventure in the Parker hills went exceedingly well and my foot felt great thanks to my new custom orthotics. As I see it, these orthotics aren't a permanent thing; they're temporary measures to help my foot heal while I run the way I want to run. My hope is to be out of them in a year. Until then, I'm just grateful to have a device that helps me run outside and do what I want to do.

Sunday's 11-miler in the Parker hills showed me that my legs have definitely lost some conditioning. Fortunately, I'm still in great shape as far as cardiovascular capacity. I know that my legs will return to form in time. I am very excited about hitting the trails in Manitou Springs, Boulder and other areas in the coming months. The Incline, Green Mountain and Deer Creek Canyon are calling me.

My goals are to increase my mileage by 10 percent every week and log 70-80 miles per week by late February without any pain or discomfort in my foot. I'd love to start intervals at the track. I'm trying not to think too "big" and instead just focus on returning to good health in time for the Jemez Mountain 50-Mile Race in May. Jemez is going to be very tough and I'll need to be ready.

I feel like 2011 will be a good year for me as far as running. Aside from a strong finish at the Leadville 100 in August, I have to say a new marathon PR is of utmost importance to me. But mostly I just want to run injury-free and enjoy the road and trails again. This past weekend, because I'm recovering from an injury, I missed the first annual Ponderous Posterior Pikes Peak Fat Ass 50K in Manitou Springs.

With good health, may 2011 be full of memorable races, training runs and good fellowship.


Rest in peace, Gerry Rafferty. "Baker Street" is an all-time classic.

"Right Down the Line" is just as classic. Due to addiction, depression and other factors, it's fair to say Rafferty's potential was never realized. So sad.

Thanks for the great tunes, Gerry.

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  1. I love that song. I was 18 working at UPS washing trucks and that was a big song that summer. Also Bob Seger's Feel Like a Number...Good to hear you're coming back. Me too, from torn meniscus. It feels great to finally run, and just function without pain again after so long.