Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shutting down

I'm getting no where fast with this plantar fasciitis and have changed my thinking since yesterday's post. Running is just plain dumb right now, especially when I've been advised to shut down from running at least for a few weeks. So as of today I'm not running a step probably for the rest of 2010. I will only cycle, do the elliptical trainer and weight train. In the meantime, I may take some time away from this blog. Writing about my ongoing struggle with plantar is very difficult as I feel like a shell of my old self and, honestly, I just need to take a step back from this situation because it's causing me a lot of stress. So this will likely be my last post of 2010 as I try to recover. With any hope, the next time I sign on I'll be feeling great and ready for an amazing 2011.


  1. Man - I can relate. I have had injuries that have shelved me, and I have been in these sort of states.

    But make what you can of it. Do core until you puke. Hit the bike. Hit the elliptical. Swim your ass off. If you define yourself with running, then do all these things instead to compliment your running.

    And I think you can be positive about that, blog about it - because there is a lot for you and us all to learn about those experiences.

  2. Good luck with your time off and letting the PF heal. Happy Holidays.

  3. Wise decision to take off from the running. All the best for a wonderful 2011!