Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting my legs back / How about some inspiration?

I'm finally starting to feel some strength and speed in my legs. It took three weeks for the turnover to get better and for my legs to actually feel alive again. Strangely, I think my two bike rides last weekend did me some good--physically and mentally. When I got out on Monday morning for an 8-miler my legs were turning over nicely and I felt better than I have in probably a few months. Happily, I've also discovered a new dirt-road loop not far from where we live. It's hilly and challenging and, best of all, the dirt surface is great for my legs and has been very therapeutic. My knee is feeling close to 100%. When we move into our new house in November, I'll need to find a new dirt road to run on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the plantar fasciitis in my left foot still isn't totally gone. It's much better, but it's lingering. I think this week I'm going to see my doctor. I should have gone to the doctor two months ago.

Last week (9/6-9/12) I ran 53 miles and biked 30 and this week (9/13-9/19) my mileage hit 61 and I also biked 20 miles on Sunday. The time on my bike has been so enjoyable and I only wish I could go for a ride every day, including commuting to and from work a few times a week (not possible since I pick up Noah at the end of the day). The guys I see almost every morning cruising down the Suphur Gulch Trail--their bikes loaded with their work gear--have figured out something that hasn't dawned on enough people. They don't have to worry about traffic, emptying their wallets at the pump or making enough time everyday for exercise. They have it all figured out, and one day I'll join them.

I'm starting to develop a desire for a fast, light-weight road bike since we have such awesome paved paths on the Front Range. My time on the bike has demonstrated to me the importance of cross-training. I love getting out of the saddle and powering away up climbs.

Assuming I continue to feel this good and my foot is up to it, I am planning to run in the Rock 'n Roll Denver Marathon on Oct. 17. This will not be a key event for me, meaning I won't be out there guns blazing looking for a sub-3:00 time. I just want to do a marathon and qualify for Boston should I venture to Beantown next April to toe the line. I don't have long to decide--Boston sold out in November last year!


The video below really tugs at my heartstrings and I highly recommend you take five minutes to watch it all the way through. It's about a guy who fought depression because of his weight and ultimately lost 120 lbs. through running. A little over a minute into the video you see him running around a track. Very inspiring. This video illustrates the transformative power of running. It changes you physically and mentally. Throughout my 20s I was pretty doughy (you can see a photo of the fat Wyatt here--I'm standing and to the far left), despite the fact that I did run a little here and there. It wasn't until we adopted a new diet and I decided to finally take on the marathon that everything changed for me. I've never looked back and not a day goes by that I don't feel grateful for what I can do in my running shoes. Aside from my wife, our son, my faith and my family, running is best thing that's ever happened to me. We all have a story to tell, and I think this guy's story is amazing.

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