Thursday, March 4, 2010

In love with the Rocky Mountains

As I write this post I'm in a Best Western hotel room in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado--with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains right outside my window. I'm here in Castle Rock, which is south of Denver and kind of close to Colorado Springs, to accomplish a few things:

1) Interview for jobs
2) Find a place for us to rent until our house in Chagrin Falls sells and we can buy here
3) Find a nice childcare facility for Noah

It is hard to believe that we'll be here--"out West," as they say--about a month from now. Out West.... Man, this is exciting!

It has been a great day. I interviewed today for a position potentially being created that sounds so very good and a really great match with my skill-set, passions and experience. And, beyond the position itself, this is a great organization with friendly, professional people. Tomorrow I go back for more interviews and will also be talking with another great organization. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Denver is a very different place than what I'm used to--but different in good ways. Tonight, I ran 8 miles in and around Castle Rock, which is at about 6,000 feet. That's enough to feel it in the lungs, but I did OK and breathed only a little hard as I climbed a few hills. Anyway, I ran past a skate park and saw a bunch of teenage boys who looked like Shaun White, the gold medalist half-pipe snowboarder, doing stunts. I think only in Denver would I have seen what I saw--kids doing crazy maneuvers with their skate boards and bikes. I've never seen anything like that in Cleveland. It was really cool. They seemed like good kids and I'm glad they were doing something physical versus playing video games, watching TV, etc.

Unless you've seen the Rocky Mountains, it is hard to describe how beautiful they are. On the way back to the hotel tonight, I watched the sun setting behind the mountains. As twilight set in, the mountains became blacker and blacker while the sky behind them was bright orange. The colors and contrast were awe-inspiring. I can't wait to get into the mountains. I think I'm in love with this land out here. I can't imagine what the pioneers must have thought when they saw the Rockies for the first time as they trudged westward across the plains. Living at this elevation, I'll be able to train well for the Leadville 100 and mighty Hardrock Hundred, both of which are here in Colorado.

These past few weeks have been unspeakably hard. Leaving Chagrin Falls, friends, our home, and a really great job at University Hospitals, where I'm valued, respected and recognized for my good work, has been a tough pill to swallow. I'd be lying if I said I haven't had some feelings of despair leaving a good job and putting a beautiful house up for sale. But I believe in my heart that things will work out. When I take the long view, it's obvious Denver is where our future will be brightest. The next few months won't be easy. I'll endure knowing that a finish line will eventually come. And it will come hopefully before I know it.

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  1. Good luck job hunting! You will start a good new life in the west. Running in mountains and racing Leadville and hardrock all I can say is Sweet!