Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lt. JC Stone 50K update

As of now, I am still planning to run in the Lt. JC Stone 50K in Pittsburgh, Penn. this Saturday. The weather looks close to perfect--low of 36, high of 52 and mostly sunny. When it comes to racing, it doesn't get much better than that.

There is one potential complication, though. Right now I'm coughing like crazy, am a little stuffy and have a sore throat. Fortunately, I'm not (yet) achy and all week I've had good runs. I ran 8 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and today and tomorrow will go for 5 miles very easy on my treadmill.

Despite the above problems, I feel pretty good. Let's hope it continues through Saturday when I cross the finish line with a time and place I can be proud of.

Here's to the start of a great racing season!


  1. Good luck with your race Wyatt. I am doing the Green Jewel with a workout in the middle. Great weather ahead.

  2. Have a great day, Wyatt. I wish I could be there, but this is our go-live weekend and I am on 24/7.