Friday, July 4, 2008

Another run today

I did another run today. As planned, I started at the South Chagrin Reservation Polo Field (where they are now mobilizing for the upcoming Hunter/Jumper Classic that my wife and her horse will unfortunately miss this year since they're still rusty from the time off from her pregnancy) and went 2.25 miles down the trail and turned around, coming back to the truck for a total of 4.5 miles. I averaged a little over 9-minute miles. Yes, that's slow as Christmas for me and, yes, 4.5 miles is very few miles, but it's something.

My left knee was painful at first and I began to have serious doubts as to whether I should be running. I even stopped and walked about 50 feet...before running again.

Fortunately, as my run progressed, the discomfort/pain in my knee diminished. At no time did my knee feel great, but the pain definitely got better and eventually my knee felt decent. The biggest challenge was navigating the muddy trails with a bum leg.

Afterwards, I felt no pain. As I type this post, my knee feels just fine. It would appear that so long as I run conservatively and don't come back too quickly, I should be able to keep running as I heal.

Tomorrow's goal is 5 miles in the same place and in the same fashion--out and back and slow.

My first physical therapy appointment is on Monday. I'm looking forward to it.

Onward and upward!

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  1. Wyatt - just remember DON'T OVERDO IT!!! It isn't worth it. I just went 2 weeks without running, and you know what - I didn't start convulsing or gain weight or anything! It is actually ok! Make sure you are resting and S L O W L Y getting back into running.

    Also I noticed that cool thing where it shows the last time someone updated their blog - can you show me how to do that?