Thursday, March 27, 2008

Marathon & Beyond story

I just got word today that my previously-accepted story about my experience at the Burning River 100 will appear in the July/August issue of Marathon & Beyond, a prestigious running magazine I've grown to love over the course of my 2+ year subscription. M&B's editor is the great Rich Benyo who, with Tom Crawford, became the first man to do a double-crossing of Death Valley in 1989. He writes about it in his outstanding book, The Death Valley 300, which I hold to be one of the great books on running (you can buy an autographed copy through M&B). I am in awe of Rich as he's done what I'd love to do--attain success as a writer and runner in a way that pays the bills. And so I'm deeply honored to have a story in his magazine.

Anway, back to my Burning River 100 story. It will appear in the regular "My Most Unforgettable Ultramarathon (and What I Learned from It)" section. I am extremely excited about the story running for many reasons, not the least of which is that it'll be good for the Burning River 100, which is entering its second year and is looking at drawing close to 300 entrants. My hope is that my story may inspire some to try the Burning River 100. Also, I'm eager to have more of a writer's presence in the running world. This story, like this blog, is a step in that direction.


A quick update on my 100-mile week. I've run 12.5 miles today to put me at about 50.5 miles going into tomorrow (Friday). This morning I felt like a pile of garbage, but tonight I ran 4.5 miles at sub-7 pace and felt awesome. If I do only 8 miles tomorrow, I'll just have to run 42 miles over Saturday and Sunday to get to 100--very manageable. If I'm feeling good on Sunday, I may just shoot for 105 for the week.

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