Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Today's Call - Tuesday, 1/22; My UROY and UPOY Picks

With there being a blizzard in the making, I hopped on the treadmill for 7.4 miles in 61 minutes. Got on at 5:25am--good. Pretty much a steady-state run, staying at the same pace the whole way. Felt pretty good, though a little sore from last night's upper body weight session.

Here are my picks for North American Ultrarunners of the Year and Ultra Performances of the Year:

  • Female: Courtney Dauwalter
  • Male: Jim Walmsley
Note: Some say it was a weak year for male UROY, as Jim had only 2 ultra wins and a DNF at UTMB, but he was/is clearly the top male ultrarunner in North America. I actually applaud Jim for maintaining a reasonable race schedule.
  • Female: Camille Herron - Desert Solstice 24-hour (162.9 miles)
  • Male: Jim Walmsley - Western States 100 course record (14:30)
I really think Camille's 24-hour record will stand for generations. It is an insane record.


  1. I don't get why it would be a weak year to win only two ultras - especially when one is considered the "Super Bowl" of them with Western and it was done on a hot day in record form. When you compare this to the marathon world, a top marathoner winning two majors is considered an over the moon sort of year. With more "speedsters" coming to the mix, the number of times a top guy is going to win 6 of these in a year is going to be limited ... unless we are just expecting those two year careers again.

    1. I actually agree with you, GZ. And it wasn't his fault TNF 50 in SF was canceled. As much as I really like Courtney, her race schedule is insane and in some ways I feel UROY is rewarding what is to me an unsustainable demand on a human being. When you look at what happened to Roes, it is unnerving watching Courtney race the way she does. She is so talented and I hope she's in the sport a long time.