Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A major set-back

Yesterday afternoon during my second run I reinjured my right hamstring in a big way. The pain was so bad that I thought I might have torn the muscle, but then it got better and I was able to run slowly back to the office. I was in Shaker Park and slipped on a root or rock covered by wet leaves. It wasn't a major slip, but it was just enough of a slip to totally screw up my hamstring. And just when I was feeling really good again.

Now I'm back to square one and very frustrated. I'd say my chances of running the Fall Classic 1/2 Marathon in less than two weeks are slim to none.

I have to get my hamstring back to 100 percent in time for aggressive Mohican 100 training starting in February. That may seem like a long way off, but hamstring injuries can take a long time to heal, and obviously I'm confronted with a nagging injury that just won't go away.

I'm going to keep running, but I'm going to run at a more relaxed pace to prevent any re-aggravations, and I'm going to stretch every night before bedtime. Ice will do some good, as well.

This really sucks.


  1. Its always disappointing to have to deal with a nagging, recurring injury like that. Do what you have to do to get well for Mohican.

  2. My advice is that you take an extended rest. And I mean 4-6 weeks of zero running. The time off allows your body to rebuild. All the greats (Jurek, Krupicka, etc.) have times like this.

  3. Yanfei: Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate the feedback. When you say Jurek, Krupicka et al "have times like this," do you mean times of injury like what I'm going through, or times off from running?


  4. I meant that they take time off from running.

    Krupicka has made it very clear on his blog that, when ramping up for 100 milers, 200-mile weeks are the norm. But at other times, he will go a month or more without running a step.

    I also listened to an online Jurek interview, and he said that he schedules 4-6 weeks off per year, during the off season, for recuperation.

    Krupicka doesn't schedule the off time like Jurek does, but in the end they both get it. Krupicka has missed big races in the past because of needing rest at inopportune times. That usually doesn't happen to Jurek. And I think that's because he schedules his breaks for when there aren't any big races looming on the horizon.

    You can take a month off, let your injury fully heal, and come back slowly in plenty of time for Mohican.

    The challenge can be boredom. You can give your wife & child extra attention. I'm sure they miss you during the 100-mile weeks. :-)