Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Steve Prefontaine

Whenever I get down on my running--like after the 2007 Columbus Marathon when I failed to achieve a goal I should have achieved that day (sub-3)--I often think about the late, great Steve Prefontaine, maybe one of the toughest American runners of all time and a guy who I used to hear stories about when I was a young cross-country runner in the eighties. Pre was once quoted as saying, "Someone may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it." The photo below says it all.


  1. Pre has definitly inspired me many times.

  2. Pre was the epitome of a competitor. I have often wondered what he would have done with the rest of his life had it not been cut short. He would have eventually had to come to grips with aging. I wonder what he would have done with all his competitive energy.

  3. Pre age? Never!

    But seriously, I think he would have attacked either the age group records or some major problem facing society. He was quite an activist as well as a great runner.

    Check out the page I made about him here:


    It's got a biography, videos, quotes, images, and more.